Wednesday, November 30, 2011

**Eviction Notice**

Welp, Dec 23rd @12:05AM (thanks insurance!!) Lucas & I will be at the hosptial getting ready to INDUCE and bring this baby into the world... Holy Crap. ;) Went to the Dr's today. I had to take another GB (diabetes) test. It was lovely-NOT! I wanted to throw up after I took that nasty drink (its nothing but PURE SUGAR)!! After you take this drink you have to wait 1hr & then they take your blood work. While waiting in that 1 hr, we had an ultrasound done to see how big this baby is. To my surprise, the Tech said he/she was only (roughly) 5lb 8oz & is measuring small, but nothing to worry about. She also told us the baby was head down (yippeee) & everything looked okay. After the u/s, we waited about 15mins in the waiting room & Dr M was ready to see us. I had to get tested to GBS (which everyone does) & while he was 'down there' he was checking to see how far I was coming along. Welp, I am 1 cm dialated (yay!!), but my fluids were low. He wasn't too concerned about it, but he did tell me I needed to start drinking more fluids & rest more often (rest? seriously? what a funny man!). He also confirmed that we will be inducing on Dec. 23rd and for me to talk to the lady and get all the paperwork filled out. Sitting there, waiting on the nurse (for paper work) it really hit me that this THING growing inside of me is coming out in 3 WEEKS. I mean, I knew there was a chance of he/she coming then--but the fact she was on the phone trying to squeeze me in & telling me what to do--it hit me!! So, the plan is.. Going in @12:05a on Dec 23rd, have this kid (hopefully) sometime that day & ALL OF US coming home on Christmas Day :) :) :) :) :) I am very excited about coming home on CHRISTMAS with a new baby!! It's going to be a while day, thats for sure!!!! My Mom told me today she has found the cutest Christmas outfit for the baby (YAY!)!! She won't tell me what it is, but I have no fear that it WONT be cute!! Can't wait to see it!!! I have seen so many cute outfits....... So, that's one thing I dont have to worry about--My mom has it covered ;) I go to the Dr weekly now (I'll be 36wks tomorrow--Eviction Day, I'll be 39wks). Next week we will have another u/s done & he will be checking to see if I have progressed anymore!!

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