Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr say Whaaaa?

Today has been the craziest day I've had in a while. I had all sorts of plans to go running around w/my sister (we usually hang out on Mondays or Wednesdays-depending on my work schedule...). Todays agenda was to 1-Drs Appt & then 2-Bristol, TN to go look for a car. Sounds like fun, right? NOT....
We are going through a terrible time w/the first venue where we were going to hold our wedding. LONG story short.. They told us they'd give us our money back. Well, guess what--they never have. After talking w/them for 2-3 months, the MAN TOLD US HE PUT THE MONEY IN THE MAILBOX... Welp, never got it. I sent a letter to them, advising them we were going to take them to court, hoping they would just send the money. WRONG. They sent another letter back--and needless to say, I was NOT happy about it. AT. ALL. (The letter was ugly.. no name calling or anything-just UGLY!) It's seriously a huge mess. I just don't understand why they wont give us our money back.. It honest to god would not put a DENT in their in-come. But, whatever-we will do what is necessary.
So, anyways, after going to the Post Office & recieving that wonderful news--I went to the Dr. I knew my Blood Pressure was going to be through the roof (from being so upset). FINALLY-Some good news :) Still under 150lbs *YAY*, I'm measuring about right.. & the kicker- Dr M said if everything was on track & looked good, we were having this Baby on Dec 23!! HOLY CRAP! I couldn't believe my ears!! Now, Im not going to lie--I was really hoping for the 21st/22nd--that way we could all 3 be home for Christmas.. But, then again-this baby may decide to come out after Thanksgiving, or Afer my brothers BDay (Dec 5th). Dr M had some very encouraging words--This is why I love this man. I hope he never quits--at least, until Im done making babies ;) Next appt I will be 36wks. I have to take another Diabetes test (I get to drink this delicious {not} orange drink & hang out at the Drs office for a hour!!), we also get an ultrasound. I can't wait to see our monster :)
So, after the Drs office-Sister & I were going to have lunch & start our road trip to Bristol, to look at a vehicle. I don't mind road trips-and I know she doesn't either. What I do mind? The freakin' rain. Needless to say, I can't trust my car when it rains--My windshield wipers have a mind of there own.. Meridith and I were once stranded on the side of the interstate one rainy night (3yrs ago..) b/c of those stupid things--Here I was crying to AAA on the side of the road & my 18yr old sister was out there fixing it. Thank God for her!! :) Well, since it started to rain like there was no tomorrow-we decided to hold off on our trip until Monday. Meridith just found out she got the traning job w/Conners in Florida!! I am so proud of her! She deserves this-she works her butt off!! :) Thankfully she will be leaving at the end of Jan-begining of Feb--so there will be plenty of time for her to hang out with her new niece/nephew!!!!! :)
Oh, Did I mention it isn't even 3:30 yet? What a day. I guess we all have them. Mine just happened to be today. The weekend looks to be nice, I want to do like 1,000,000,000 things this weekend & I keep changing plans on Lucas. Poor guy. I wanted to go to Gatlinburg... then I wanted to stay home & paint.. then I wanted to go to Cleveland, TN to look at a car.. Now possibly Bristol, TN.. I am just all over the place. I think I am in panic mode. I mean, now we may have this baby in 5wks. F I V E WEEKS. {Gosh. That's nuts.} I know we will get it done-we always do.. :)

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