Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend :)

What a crazy weekend... It was awesome!
*I had to work Wednesday & Thursday (Thanksgiving). I hated that I worked on Thursday-but, I really needed the extra money (holiday paaaay!!!!) and I knew if I were to stay home I was going to try & cook. I was NOT going to cook this year--Lucas wanted to, so his wish was granted!! He made an awesome dinner!!! It was so good :) My Mom & Dad came to town, I which I was VERY happy about!! I can't wait for them to move down here, so I can see them whenever I want--not just once a month-or longer :( Mama T & Mike were here.. Grandma & Sister were able to come too!! It was ONE big party at the house!!! :) My brother & his girlfriend made it just in time for dessert too. I was really happy we were all there laughing and talking in the kitchen. It was nice. REALLY nice :)
*That night, Mama T, Dad & I went shopping ((BLACK FRIDAY!!!)) ! I love going out on Black Friday.. I got some really good deals last year--this year, not so much. But, I did get Lucas' Christmas done and I can't wait for him to open his presents!! We took the NEW stroller with us, so Dad hung out at the front of the stores w/the stroller & bags. I really like our new stroller--light & easy o use!!! We didn't get home til about 7-8am..
*Then once I woke up (like 10), Lucas and Mike had finished the crib! I was SO SO SO happy :) After that Lucas made Biscuits & Gravy.. then I went to go hang out w/my Mom for a bit. I haven't really got to hang out with her since before the wedding. Ever since the wedding, when she did get here-all we did was run around! This time, we went up to Pigeon Forge & shopped ALL day :) :) I loved it. I bought some stuff for myself & the baby. Mom bought the cutest pants from Osh Kosh for the baby--She did REALLY well!!!
*When we got back, Mama T & Mike had already left to go back to NC-- So Lucas & I went to Brothers house for burgers on the grill. Everyone was there again.. and all we did was laugh & talk. It was great!!!
*Then I worked ALL weekend. It sucked. But, I'm almost done :) I think I have 14 more workings days (aka- 3wks!) left!!! I can't wait :) :) :)
**We go to the Dr on Wednesday. I can't want to see what he has to say!! I really hope we are still on for an induction on the 23rd--but we will see!!!!!

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  1. Honey we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with you & Lucas this year! It was so much fun! I am so glad your family were able to be there too! I know that made it perfect for you!!! It was great to sit around and listen to you guys talking! Laughter is certainly the BEST isn't it?? It was great! Thank you again for having us!!!
    I'm so glad the carpet came out so well!!! The nursery looks so pretty already! I can't wait to see what you and Lucas do with it once Baby "A" comes!!!!! It has been fun helping you guys with it! The crib is beautiful!!!!!
    I can't wait to see what the Dr. says this Wed. about your induction! Even if it's not on the 23rd it won't be long!!!
    I love reading your blog!! Thank you for sharing with us!!! Mama T (aka) Granma T!!!!!!!