Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snooki & Macho Man

HALLOWEEN 2011 will be one to remember for the Freemans :) We had such a great time @Mike & Lucys! We haven't been to a Halloween Party together since we've been together (3 years this November!!) So tonight was a lot of fun for us!! Here is the couple that hosted the party (Mike & Lucy)
Lindsay Help put it together too--She is so awesome & makes AMAZING cakes!! AND our good friends Ashlea & Travis came out!!!!!! :) :)
So here is the look we were going for::
Lucas-Macho Man...
Me:: Snooki

& Here is what we came up with :)

We really had a good time!!!! I was glad we were able to go out & hang out with everyone!!! My "bump" is 31wks 2days ... Not much longer to go.................... :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

SO excited

I am just plain ol' excited!! I know, you know why..but just in case...... Sunday = Maternity Pics Nov 4-5 = 3d/4d ultra sound pictures (Mom & Dad + Mama T & Mike are coming to town).. I'm hoping to have MOST of the babys room done that weekend (painting, emptied out...) Nov 6 = BABY SHOWER!!! I can't wait :) End of Nov=THANKSGIVING & BLACK FRIDAY!!! This is also our dead line for the babys room!! Mama T & Mike are coming to town for Thanksgiving & Black Friday December.... Well... BABY!! DUUUH! :) :) & My parents are coming to town--I can't wait!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something for the bay-beee :)

Have I mentioned how awesome Lucas is? He is awesomely-amazing :)
I was unable to go to a friends wedding yesterday (Saturday) bc I got sick. <<--Seems to be a weekend thing now (not feeling well..)! Anyway, Lucas surprised me w/a Travel System :) Here is the professional picture of it::
The travel system consists of a stroller, an infant carrier AND a base for the car. We knew what one we wanted- We just havent been able to find the color we wanted in person, we found it on line at many places!! -The Color is called Midori- I was so excited when we got it home & Lucas put it together.. It's AMAZING!! Now, Here are MY pictures of the finished product::
I love it. I am so excited. I bought an extra base for the carrier months ago on-line! So, now we have 2 bases (which is exactly how many we needed)!!!! Also while I was out today-Lucas removed one of the lasts shelves in the babys room & put a shelf up in the laundry room!! The babys room is finally coming together! I can't believe how close we are getting. Only 9 1/2 more weeks to go :) :) :)
Maternity Pictures = 1 week & Baby Shower = 2 weeks

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nothing New...

Nothing new to report this week... Still growing :) I will be 30wks tomorrow!!! Only 10 more to go :) YAY!!! I can't believe my next drs appt will be in 2 wks--which makes Novemeber only 2 wks away.. Isnt that crazy to anyone else? Speaking of Drs appts.. Went today.. I was there for only 5mins.. pee'd in a cup, weighed myself, Dr measured my belly (which I forgot to ask how big it was...) & listened to a heartbeat!! THATS IT! Hahaha... I have gained 5lbs.. but He didn't seem concerned about it-So, Im not either!! Lucas worked hard on the babys room this weekend. Still puddying the walls. We have 1 more shelf we have to knock down & putty--then we will start to prime & wait on his Mom & Dad to get to town to actually paint :) On a different note.. Its raining today.. and I hate when it rains.. I dont know what to do w/Delilah.. I hate to keep her in her crate--but when I let her out she has SO MUCH energy... & Delilah+Rain = Mud... NOT GOOD !!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I know, I know.. I am REALLY slacking on this thing. I can't help it! Lol.. I get carried away doing something else... & then when I think about it Lucas is home & I don't want to see & blog all night while he is home--rather do it while he is off at work!! OH BTW--Only 11 more weeks to go :)
My new obsession is Pinterest. I honestly don't know how to describe it.. I'm just obsessed with it. I find all sorts of things I want to do w/the babys room, our living room.. Clothes I want.. Hair styles I want & pictures I would like to take/have taken. It's a bad obsession. B A D !
The baby is still growing. We start going to the Dr every 2 weeks :) When we went last week, everything looked/sounded good. I'm happy to report, that I DO NOT have Diabetes--I was worried bc it does run in the family!! Also at this last appt, Dr M measured my belly & got a "Fundal Height"--it's an estimated idea of how big the baby is. Well @27wks 6days I was measuring @ 27 1/2 cm! Usually you are either 2 cm -/+ of your week-So we are right on target!! :) I've gained a total of 17lbs so far, Which would explain the terrible upper back pain I've been having. I was so thankful Lucas & I went to go get a backbrace last week. It really helps when I sit at work (thats mainly when it hurts, or If I drive for a long distance..) When we go back next week, I am going to talk to the Dr about birthing options & things like that. I know FOR SURE this baby will be here THIS YEAR ((2011))!! :) :)
Speaking of baby. I believe I have a Kung Foo Panda growing in my belly. 'A' (reason for 'A' is bc no matter if it's a boy/girl, his/her name will begin with an 'A') kicks at the weirdest times, rolls around like its nobodys business. I hope this doesn't mean 'A' will be a handful--hahahaha... I guess we will find out in 11 wks, huh?!!
I'm so excited about the Baby Shower my Mom & Sister are having for us. It is really going to be a good time--It will be the same bunch that came to my Bridal Shower (work friends)!!! They are too good to me sometimes :) --BUT before the baby shower, we get to do our 3D/4D ultrasound. I am SO excited!!! I can't wait to see 'A' again!!! I wonder if he/she still has big lips.... LOL!! Lucas' Mom & Dad will be in town & staying w/us that entire weekend (which I dont mind!)!! I'm hoping we will be able to start/finish painting the room that weekend!!
Speaking of Baby Room.. WOW.. Lucas worked hard in there this past weekend. I can't believe how much stuff is in that little bedroom. It's crazy. Seriously, CRAZY. My goal was to get Delilah out of there & into the garage, but we now have no room in the garage! Haha.. It's very overwhelming when I write down how much we still need to do in such a short amount of time. We had to putty some/most of the bedroom walls. There were shelves in there from the old home owners & they put wall anchors into the wall for the shelves--Which we didn't know until Lucas yanked it out of the wall. O M G.. I've never seen anything like it.. there were 2 holes from that 1 shelf. I mean, fist size holes. So, Lucas went to Lowes & got some putty to fix it up. While we were at it, we putty'd some other holes & (from where the old home owners had stickers on the wall--when you took the stickers off, it peeled the paint-lovely, right?) we putty'd over that too. I am happy to report, there will be new flooring in the babys room :) My GMa has some left over laminate hardwood flooring from her trailer-and we are getting 110 square feet of it! I'm not too sure on how much is going to cover that room-but thats 110 sq ft we didn't have before. -It is a little bedroom, so hopefully we wont need THAT much more. :) :) My Mom & Dad are bringing us that when they come to town in 3 weeks!!! I can't wait!!!
Here is a picture of my belly.. I took it 2-3 days ago while I was at work (28wks 5days). When I got off work that day, Lucas & I went to ouor friends Brandi & Erics new condo. It is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for them! I can't wait for them to get settled it! They are RIGHT ON THE LAKE! Its totally different then living downtown--although we had some great times down there... hahaha!! Brandi is also good at taking pictures (she took some of our engagement pics)!! I'm hoping she will take some of 'A' next spring/summer! :)
Have I mentioned how excited I am to shop on Black Friday? :) Why must you ask... Well 1-I love to shop, esp Christmas Shop... 2-I can buy BOTH boy/girl clothing (with it being Christmas season, they usually extend there re-turns)!!! Hahahahaha :) Ahhh, I can't wait!!!!