Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nothing new....

Nothing really new.. Still growing.. still crazy.. and still not eating as much, But I am getting a little better at it :)
Since I really have anything new to "report" I thought I'd fill out one of these question thingys that most people do.. Here it goes:
How far along: 13wks 6days
How big is baby: the size of a peach :)
Total weight gain/loss: as of my last drs appt (3wks ago) I've lost 4lbs
Maternity clothes: eh.. not really, more like sundress & sweats :)
Sleep: I just started sleeping well.. and sleeping til 1030 in the morning!
Movement: I think I felt a flutter the other day.. but, who knows? ;)
Mood: mostly cranky. Still not excited about this whole "changing looks/body" thing.
Food Cravings: Mashed potatoes..
Things that make me barf: Chinese & this amazing pasta.. It's so good going down, not to much coming up ;)
Symptoms: Very Sleepy.. the back of my legs hurt... & sometimes my back..
Gender: More then likely a boy.. Healthy is what I'm really pushing for :)
and that's about it! We are going out of town for the weekend-then comes the next dr's appt! YAY! I can't wait to hear the heart beat again.. I always get nervous about a week before the appt...!!! After this appt, and we get the "everything looks good" from the dr, we are going to start cleaning out Delilahs room & get ready for baby!!!
I'm not going to post a pic of me this week.. Doesn't sound very flattering to me at this moment.. So, instead I am going to leave you with a cute little 'Pregnancy Cartoon'. :)

**adding more.. this blog was kinda boring, so I thought I'd show y'all what we have in mind for the baby room..

1) if its a boy, Lucas gets to pick the name & the room.. I'll tell ya the name later.. in the mean time, here is a pic of a room... Arrrrgh ;)

2)if its a girl, I get to pick the name & the room.. again, I'll tell ya the name later.. in the mean time, here is a picture of what I'd like to do.. :)THE END :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Reality Check...

Welp, here we are at just 13wks & 1 day.. boy has it been a crazy week for me. In other words, a reality check.
I took this picture just a while ago.. there's some more bloat!! Hahaha.. I've become a HUGE fan of sun dresses.. My jeans don't fit the way I want them to, my shorts are useless.. So, dresses are the way to go right now.
So, you may be asking, where exactly is this "reality check"? Well, let me share this with you.. and if you are thinking about starting a family, good for you! & If you already have started--you will find this very humorous-I'm sure of it. (Please don't take this next part to heart-I am VERY thankful I get to experience this whole thing.. There are plenty of women out there that are unable to go thru this whole experience.. this is more of a selfish vent..)
Lucas & I knew we wanted to start a family soon after being married. Well, as you all know, that wasn't hard!! ;) I didn't realize all of the "stuff" that would come with being pregnant. You can read all the books, blogs & websites all you want, but you wont truley understand pregnancy, until you find out there is SOMETHING actually GROWING inside of you. <-- with that being said, your body will actually start to grow (duh, right?)... well this is where MY reality check comes in. My pants don't fit, my shorts don't fit.. So, Lucas & I decide to go Maternity clothes shopping, first stop--Motherhood Maternity. Very cool store.. Very overwhelming store.. We went, we shopped & I was so upset. NONE of the clothes fit me yet--They are just too big. I was just torn up.. (thanks hormones!!)..
My friend Brooke told me about the Maternity selection @Old Navy out in Turkey Creek-So, Lucas & I, again, made the trip out there. TALK ABOUT NUTS... The jeans there, looked very nice--boy did they turn me off! They looked HUGE. Well, I have just NOW came to realize, my body is getting bigger-ex:my BELLY. I refused to look anymore, and walked out, once again, upset.
My Mom & Dad came to town this weekend (YAY!) & they bought me some clothes from Kohls. It was VERY nice of them, they didn't have to do that. Well, the clothes they picked out for me where really nice--Just "big". <--too me they were big. So, we decided that we were going to take some of he clothes back & look together. My Mom then pointed out, that I am growing & I will be NEEDING bigger clothes. I refuse to think I will be wearing a large at the end of July. I became very overwhelmed & just shut down (like a 2yr old). I did find 2 pairs of shorts (maternity), a shirt (maternity) & a dress (JUNIORS DEPT!! -yaay-!!)!! It was a succesful yet stressful trip.
To think that I may be wearing a LARGE by the end of the summer makes me want to throw up. Me? In a LARGE? Seriously? Great.... NOT!!! Oh well, it's all apart of it. I called Brooke to talk to her about my "clothing" situation & she laughed. She's like, "..well, what did you expect, Liz?..." Hahaha.. She has a point, I mean how else is this child going to grow in my belly? I guess I didn't think about that.. Until just lastnight.. Boy, am I in for a roller coaster ride? AND GUESS WHAT---Y'ALL ARE GONNA READY ABOUT IT! ;)
I also haven't been sleeping very well. Between the storms, Jerrys barking (because he doesn't like thunder), going to the bathroom @2am (almost everynight).. it's hard to get back asleep! I guess it's getting me ready for baby too.. Pheeew.... Hahaha.. :)
I also had a bad run-in with a blog that I am 'with' (I guess you can say). I am on the bump ( There is a lot of women on there, going through similar things. Its fun to see what other people write/say. Well, I was very excited about my amazing FIND @a garage sale last weekend. {I found a slightly used Eddie Bauer edition infant carseat ($20!!). Brooke had told me what to look for if/when I found a used carseat. I did as she said & I thought I was coming out in the good-NOT.} I wrote a little thing on thebump telling everyone what I had found. Holy Crap-You would've thought I had killed my child. Those women tore me apart, telling me that I did a terrible thing, you should never put a child in a used carseat.. blah blah blah. I was like, WTF!? Cut me a BREAK here people! First time mom with CRAZY hormones, HELLO!!! Gosh.. I was so upset. *Prior to this amazing find* Lucas & I decided we were going to go ahead & buy a new carseat/stroller set-We already know what we want, we are just waiting a little bit longer to go buy it. <--did the women READ that part? NOOOOO! Of course not. Well, you would've thought I learned my lesson & not to ever post anything on there again. Of course, I didn't listen to myself. I found a really cute girl name (yes, we are finding out the sex of the baby.. Lucas gets to name the boy & I get to name the girl!) I got back on that website & typed my little heart away telling everyone our "Names". Holy Crap-AGAIN. They tore the names up like a dog going through the trash. They said some things that may not mean something to other people, but to me-it really put a damper on my day. Thats my childs name your bashing there witch! Lordy... I have learned my lesson.. I am going to just sit back & watch/read--NOT posting anymore on there.. Maaaan...
& that my friends.. has been my crazy emotional week (In a nut shell!)!! May seem a little dramatic to you, but to me-It was all that and then some!
On a lighter note.. I am very happy that my parents are in town *YAY*, We go out of town next weekend *YAY*, then I go back to the doctors for my 15week check up :) Yaay!! I can't wait to hear this babies heart beat again.. Seems like its been forever (2wks yesterday...)! Hahaha..
We should be getting our wedding pictures next week. I am so excited! I know Chantena ( does a great job! More then likely, we are going to have her take pictures of the baby :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spoiled.. Already!!!

Well.. As if Baby F isn't already spoiled with lots of love.. Lucas' boss Robert is getting ready for a garage sale. He has 2 young kids of his own & guess what he was getting rid of? Baby Stuff-a good portion of it too!! -Yaay for us! Saves us some money$$ !!!!!

A swing, a Pack N Play (w/a changing table!) & a Bumbo!!! We got really lucky!! & Robert is going to be bringing some clothes by--so we can go thru those :) Now we have to go thru Delilahs room & clean it up. That's going to be a LONG weekend project. Lucas bought these little booties from Harley a couple of weekends ago.. they are so cute!! & (of course) we weren't sure what color to get, so we stuck to the white ;) I am now 11wks & 6days today! I was going to try & update every 'new' week w/the pregnancy--Well, I work every other Thursday.. So that just wont work out!! But thats okay.. Here is a picture I took lastnight before we went out to dinnfer-Its mostly bloat--but, its there--no doubt about it! Haha..Hopefully Lucas doesn't read this blog.. he will have a fit bc none of the rooms in these pictures are cleaned---Oops, My bad ;)

I am soo ready for July.. We are going to NC the the 4th of July.. then when we come back, I have another Dr's appt!! Yippeee!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Christmas is going to be interesting....

Well, its not a secret no more.. WE'RE PREGGERS!!! :) Due December 29th :) Lucas & I are very excited to share the big news with our friends & family. Its been hard trying to keep it from everyone.. reasons being:: 1-I couldn't fit into my wedding dress (I was 6wks at that time). 2-I couldn't drink at my wedding, which should've been a sign to anyone that knows me. 3-As soon as we came home from the Honeymoon, we had a Dr's appt that Lucas was unable to come to :(, but I had an ultrasound & got to see the heartbeat! And LAST but not least, my pants don't fit. <--I look like I've drank too many beers ;) ^---There is Baby F @7wks :) Looks like a.. bean? -I guess you could say!! We now go to the Dr's every 4wks to do a "check up"--the last week/3-4 days before the Drs appt has been a killer for me. My nerves get shot, I get nervous, I read sad blogs-it's terrible! Today, Thursday, June 9th-we are 11wks pregnant & Lucas was able to come with me today. I wasn't sure what to expect-We knew we weren't getting an ultrasound :( BUT, we'd be able to hear a heartbeat. Well, Dr took a second or two to find it (the bugger wouldn't quit moving) & sure enough, there is was... Our babies heartbeat. It brought tears to my eyes & Lucas' face was priceless. It was Amazing! Lucas & I have been very very blessed with people giving us things. My friend Angela gace us a highchair (to place on one of our chairs)--AWESOME!! & Lucas' boss, Robert gave us a swing thingy (My mom claims it calmed me down from having collic!) It's really neat & takes up a little space in our living room--Needless to say the dogs, Jerry & Delilah, are afraid of it-its SO funny!! I keep going back & forth about finding out the sex of the baby. I keep having dreams about boys-Lucas thinks we are going to have a boy.. Which we have a boy name picked up-But, knowing our luck it'll be a GIRL (YAAY!!!!) We will be happy with whatever we get, as long as he/she is healthy!!! I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on whats going on with us & my growing belly. Thanks for the support & the prayers--they are always welcomed!! :)