Wednesday, November 30, 2011

**Eviction Notice**

Welp, Dec 23rd @12:05AM (thanks insurance!!) Lucas & I will be at the hosptial getting ready to INDUCE and bring this baby into the world... Holy Crap. ;) Went to the Dr's today. I had to take another GB (diabetes) test. It was lovely-NOT! I wanted to throw up after I took that nasty drink (its nothing but PURE SUGAR)!! After you take this drink you have to wait 1hr & then they take your blood work. While waiting in that 1 hr, we had an ultrasound done to see how big this baby is. To my surprise, the Tech said he/she was only (roughly) 5lb 8oz & is measuring small, but nothing to worry about. She also told us the baby was head down (yippeee) & everything looked okay. After the u/s, we waited about 15mins in the waiting room & Dr M was ready to see us. I had to get tested to GBS (which everyone does) & while he was 'down there' he was checking to see how far I was coming along. Welp, I am 1 cm dialated (yay!!), but my fluids were low. He wasn't too concerned about it, but he did tell me I needed to start drinking more fluids & rest more often (rest? seriously? what a funny man!). He also confirmed that we will be inducing on Dec. 23rd and for me to talk to the lady and get all the paperwork filled out. Sitting there, waiting on the nurse (for paper work) it really hit me that this THING growing inside of me is coming out in 3 WEEKS. I mean, I knew there was a chance of he/she coming then--but the fact she was on the phone trying to squeeze me in & telling me what to do--it hit me!! So, the plan is.. Going in @12:05a on Dec 23rd, have this kid (hopefully) sometime that day & ALL OF US coming home on Christmas Day :) :) :) :) :) I am very excited about coming home on CHRISTMAS with a new baby!! It's going to be a while day, thats for sure!!!! My Mom told me today she has found the cutest Christmas outfit for the baby (YAY!)!! She won't tell me what it is, but I have no fear that it WONT be cute!! Can't wait to see it!!! I have seen so many cute outfits....... So, that's one thing I dont have to worry about--My mom has it covered ;) I go to the Dr weekly now (I'll be 36wks tomorrow--Eviction Day, I'll be 39wks). Next week we will have another u/s done & he will be checking to see if I have progressed anymore!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend :)

What a crazy weekend... It was awesome!
*I had to work Wednesday & Thursday (Thanksgiving). I hated that I worked on Thursday-but, I really needed the extra money (holiday paaaay!!!!) and I knew if I were to stay home I was going to try & cook. I was NOT going to cook this year--Lucas wanted to, so his wish was granted!! He made an awesome dinner!!! It was so good :) My Mom & Dad came to town, I which I was VERY happy about!! I can't wait for them to move down here, so I can see them whenever I want--not just once a month-or longer :( Mama T & Mike were here.. Grandma & Sister were able to come too!! It was ONE big party at the house!!! :) My brother & his girlfriend made it just in time for dessert too. I was really happy we were all there laughing and talking in the kitchen. It was nice. REALLY nice :)
*That night, Mama T, Dad & I went shopping ((BLACK FRIDAY!!!)) ! I love going out on Black Friday.. I got some really good deals last year--this year, not so much. But, I did get Lucas' Christmas done and I can't wait for him to open his presents!! We took the NEW stroller with us, so Dad hung out at the front of the stores w/the stroller & bags. I really like our new stroller--light & easy o use!!! We didn't get home til about 7-8am..
*Then once I woke up (like 10), Lucas and Mike had finished the crib! I was SO SO SO happy :) After that Lucas made Biscuits & Gravy.. then I went to go hang out w/my Mom for a bit. I haven't really got to hang out with her since before the wedding. Ever since the wedding, when she did get here-all we did was run around! This time, we went up to Pigeon Forge & shopped ALL day :) :) I loved it. I bought some stuff for myself & the baby. Mom bought the cutest pants from Osh Kosh for the baby--She did REALLY well!!!
*When we got back, Mama T & Mike had already left to go back to NC-- So Lucas & I went to Brothers house for burgers on the grill. Everyone was there again.. and all we did was laugh & talk. It was great!!!
*Then I worked ALL weekend. It sucked. But, I'm almost done :) I think I have 14 more workings days (aka- 3wks!) left!!! I can't wait :) :) :)
**We go to the Dr on Wednesday. I can't want to see what he has to say!! I really hope we are still on for an induction on the 23rd--but we will see!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Phew.. I feel 100% better. We are almost DONE painting the babys room!! I am SO SO SO happy :) & boy does it look sharp!!!!! I think we are going to have to buy another gal. of paint--There isnt too much paint left, but there is some touching up we need to do & the 2nd coat isn't all the way done yet.. BUT, it is coming along!!!! *pics to come* Now that we are (pretty much) done with the paint. When Lucas' mom & dad come to town, all we need to do is remove the base boards, paint them white & lay down the hardwood floors!!!!!! Makes me SO happy!!!!!!!!! THEN once that gets done, we can clean out this living room & deocrate for Christmas!!!! Only 32-39 more days until the baby gets here.. I can't wait.. it's finally all coming together :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr say Whaaaa?

Today has been the craziest day I've had in a while. I had all sorts of plans to go running around w/my sister (we usually hang out on Mondays or Wednesdays-depending on my work schedule...). Todays agenda was to 1-Drs Appt & then 2-Bristol, TN to go look for a car. Sounds like fun, right? NOT....
We are going through a terrible time w/the first venue where we were going to hold our wedding. LONG story short.. They told us they'd give us our money back. Well, guess what--they never have. After talking w/them for 2-3 months, the MAN TOLD US HE PUT THE MONEY IN THE MAILBOX... Welp, never got it. I sent a letter to them, advising them we were going to take them to court, hoping they would just send the money. WRONG. They sent another letter back--and needless to say, I was NOT happy about it. AT. ALL. (The letter was ugly.. no name calling or anything-just UGLY!) It's seriously a huge mess. I just don't understand why they wont give us our money back.. It honest to god would not put a DENT in their in-come. But, whatever-we will do what is necessary.
So, anyways, after going to the Post Office & recieving that wonderful news--I went to the Dr. I knew my Blood Pressure was going to be through the roof (from being so upset). FINALLY-Some good news :) Still under 150lbs *YAY*, I'm measuring about right.. & the kicker- Dr M said if everything was on track & looked good, we were having this Baby on Dec 23!! HOLY CRAP! I couldn't believe my ears!! Now, Im not going to lie--I was really hoping for the 21st/22nd--that way we could all 3 be home for Christmas.. But, then again-this baby may decide to come out after Thanksgiving, or Afer my brothers BDay (Dec 5th). Dr M had some very encouraging words--This is why I love this man. I hope he never quits--at least, until Im done making babies ;) Next appt I will be 36wks. I have to take another Diabetes test (I get to drink this delicious {not} orange drink & hang out at the Drs office for a hour!!), we also get an ultrasound. I can't wait to see our monster :)
So, after the Drs office-Sister & I were going to have lunch & start our road trip to Bristol, to look at a vehicle. I don't mind road trips-and I know she doesn't either. What I do mind? The freakin' rain. Needless to say, I can't trust my car when it rains--My windshield wipers have a mind of there own.. Meridith and I were once stranded on the side of the interstate one rainy night (3yrs ago..) b/c of those stupid things--Here I was crying to AAA on the side of the road & my 18yr old sister was out there fixing it. Thank God for her!! :) Well, since it started to rain like there was no tomorrow-we decided to hold off on our trip until Monday. Meridith just found out she got the traning job w/Conners in Florida!! I am so proud of her! She deserves this-she works her butt off!! :) Thankfully she will be leaving at the end of Jan-begining of Feb--so there will be plenty of time for her to hang out with her new niece/nephew!!!!! :)
Oh, Did I mention it isn't even 3:30 yet? What a day. I guess we all have them. Mine just happened to be today. The weekend looks to be nice, I want to do like 1,000,000,000 things this weekend & I keep changing plans on Lucas. Poor guy. I wanted to go to Gatlinburg... then I wanted to stay home & paint.. then I wanted to go to Cleveland, TN to look at a car.. Now possibly Bristol, TN.. I am just all over the place. I think I am in panic mode. I mean, now we may have this baby in 5wks. F I V E WEEKS. {Gosh. That's nuts.} I know we will get it done-we always do.. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prime-CHECK :)

Oh, Lucas.. How much do I love thee? :) I love him, A LOT. Esp, afer this weekend!!!! Lets see... He got the nursery (pretty much) cleaned out, finished priming the walls, cleaned out the garage, bought me flowers AND got me this Christmas Wreath I've been wanting from Target. Good people, good people :) Now, we have to move Delilah to the garage, remove the base boards & paint!!! Sounds like we have a busy weekend ahead of us!! :) :) :) We've been doing a lot of car shopping lately--Just looking/Test driving to see what we both like & what will be safe for the baby. Lets just say-IT SUCKS. Or, Im just too picky ;) We've found 2-3 we really like, but these stupid Car Salesmen wont work with us on the price-I just dont get it! I mean, Hellooo---but, whatever-there loss. We will just find one bigger, better & cheaper!! :)
Things to look forward to::
*Thanksgiving is next week. I can't believe it is almost here. Where has this year gone?
*Black Friday Shopping
*Maternity Pics
I go to the Dr tomorrow for my 34wk check up. Can't wait to see how much weight I've gained in 2wks (NOT!) Hahaha.. When I go back in 2wks--I'll start going EVERY WEEK. Whoa Nelly......

Friday, November 11, 2011

7 more weeks :)

I can't believe I only have 7 (or less) more weeks to go. This is NUTS. I remember when I was 7wks pregnant & went to the Dr for my 1st u/s.. & it was just a BEAN!!! Now, @33wks--My baby has fat cheeks & is a NINJA!!!! Hahahaa... So Crazy :)
Because of the Due Date creeping up so quickly & the blogs/boards I follow TB (, I am freaking out! A lot of the December moms have become November moms (keeping in mind they are also 2-3 wks ahead of me...) But--DANG.. Thanksgiving will be here in 2wks. T-W-O W-E-E-K-S! This is crazy.. I mean, NUTS... I have this feeling of not being prepared & not having anything done. I hate it. I need a schedule & I need for the baby to follow it ;) Hahaha..
This year, Lucas' mom & dad are coming to town for Thanksgiving again. I have a JOB for them :) !! Here are a list of things I would like done BEFORE Thanksgiving..
1-FINISH priming
2-Move Delilah out of the nursery
3-Have that room cleaned out (like CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN)
4-POSSIBLY start on the FIRST coat of paint
5-Paint Dresser (not the drawers)
While Lucas' Mom & Dad are in town, here is the list I'd to have DONE before they leave..
1-ALL of the painting finished
2-Remove baseboards
3-put down hardwood floors
4-Paint baseboards
5-put the baseboards back up
6-*MAYBE* MAYBE * MAYBE* HOPEFULLY* get the crib built
We've got A LOT to do. We are getting the glider NEXT Friday (YAY!) & I think we are having to put that together--which is okay, BUT--we need somewhere to put it.... Living room is CRAMMED with Baby Stuff.. Garage is FULL.. I am so overwhelmed. I just want it done! & I know everyone keeps saying, it'll get done. I honestly don't want the nursery to still smell like paint once he/she is here. Once he/she is here, we are going to be busy-- so we wont have time for this stuff!! I hate it bc there really isn't much I can do. I can't paint (even though there is ZERO VOC--the paint still stinks, I can still smell it in the nursery...) I can't move anything (too heavy).. I feel HELPLESS & I DONT LIKE IT!!!
I know once the nursey is done, the living room will be cleaned out.. It just seems like this list is NEVER ending... :) We'll get there.. But think about it.. @Thanksgiving I will be 35wks.. and we all know once Thanksgiving hits-Christmas is (literally) right around the corner!!! & Once I hit 36wks, I go to the Dr EVERY week. I am secretly hoping the baby is 100% done cooking BEFORE Christmas.. I would LOVE to be in MY home w/our NEW baby to celebrate Christmas!!!
Here is a picture from our Maternity shoot a couple of weeks back.. I can't wait to see the rest of them :) I love Chantenas work (BubblesNPuddles).. she does amazing things. I esp can't wait for her to take pictures of the baby :) :) :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Talk about a wild weekend. It started on Friday, My Mom & Dad drove down from Indiana, Lucas' parents came over from NC & We went to the 3d/4d ultrasound. I loved every minute of it! I would pay the money & do it all over again. When we first got there, I was drinking REGULAR Mnt Dew (I haven't had a regular soda in forever!)--that way the baby was nice & sugared up so we could see his/her little face. When we got back into the room, BAM--there was my beautiful chubby baby :) Speechless. Loved it. I can't wait to meet him/her. Lucas & My sister were quiet during the ultrasound--It was just amazing!!!
After doing the ultrasound, Mom & Sister went off to the mall to do there thing, while Mama T, Mike, Lucas & I went off to Lowes to find us some paint for the babys room. We decided on a paint & primer & went from there! Mike had to go back Friday night to take care of the animals, but he was planning on coming back on Sunday for the Baby Shower--Mama T was staying until Sunday!! We also made a quick trip to the mall to see what they had.. I can't wait to start shopping for "A"... :)
Saturday, Mama T started priming the walls to the baby room-Its white, (duh) but it makes the room look so much bigger, its crazy!! Lucas built a fire pit, I went off to my brothers to hang out with my Mom & Dad for a while (they wont be back in town until Christmas/the Baby is born-Booo!!!). After that, I came home-ordered some pizza & we just hung out at the house!!!
Sunday, was Baby Shower time!!!! My Mom & Dad did a great job putting everything together. My dad is an amazing cook--He cooked for our wedding & everyone LOVED it!! :) Needless to say, the Baby Shower was a HUGE hit & everyone seemed to of had a good time! I can't believe how much we got!! Our living room is now FULL of baby stuff.. I can't wait to put it all in place!!!
My 3D/4D pic & a sneak peek of my Maternity Pic... Along w/my awesome cake :)
Lucas holding Mikah
I'll upload more pics later-- blogger isn't working to well-- THANKS again to everyone that came out for the shower :) :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


Wow. I am in love. :) Only 8 more weeks to go