Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend Talk

So lets see... Friday, I worked.. Saturday.. We went car shopping & Actually came home w/our new car :) :) :) :) Friday, Lucas was looking in the paper & found an ad about a 2004 4runner-Which is what we've been looking at. We had been to 2 different car lots trying to buy a 4runner. The first place wouldn't work with us on the price & on the next day the car salesmen pretty much hung-up on Lucas (Needless to say, we wont go there ever again!!), the next car lot, had a 4runner we both really liked.. they wouldn't work w/us on the price--then 2-3wks later, then had marked down the price & we went to go talk numbers and they sold it. It sucked. Lucas told me not to get my hopes up (once again) and we were just going to test drive it & see what we could do. Welp, only being there 3hrs we walked out with a new car! :) I love it. Leather, 3d row (which comes out!!), 4WD.... Its purdy :) It was sad to see the Impala go. It was MY first car. But, once I got into the 4runner w/working heat--I didn't miss it anymore :) :) Sunday.. I went w/TJ & his GFriend to church (FINALLY...WINE!!!) TJ was being introduced as a 'new member' so I went to support him. They really like him there at the church. Afterwords, I went back to his house for a bit-then head out.. I asked Lucas to put in the car seat, I wanted it to be behind the passanger seat--but it looked too... squishy.. So, we are going to put it in the middle (Its okay to do this!)! Lucas also started on the dresser. I couldn't help--the fumes were too much for me.. So I supervised :) before.. during & after.. the after isn't a very good picture. As soon as it gets into the babys room, I'll post some more pics. We are waiting to find out the sex of the baby before we doing anything w/the drawes. So, In the mean time--they are going to stay the same (sanded down) w/clothes in them!!

On Monday, Sister & I took Grandma & Brother out to lunch for the BDays. (Grandmas was Sunday, TJs was Monday).. They liked their gifts. :) Then I told tem what the Drs had called and told me about that morning...

When you are pregnant, usually you only have to take the Diabetes test once--well, at my Drs they took it twice. Once @26wks (ish) & once @36wks (ish). Well, I passed the first time, NO problems. This second time, I failed. I didn't think much about it--I told the nurse "well, this sucks" and now I have to take a 3hr test on Wednesday.. Not too mention, I was already going to be there for another ultrasound (remember, my fluids were low...) and see what the Dr had said. After finally sitting down & thinking it over.. I flipped out. When Lucas came home I was balling... Its one thing to find out if you have Diabetes early in pregnancy-then we can control it.. but to find out, in my last stretch of the ball game, that I have it? UGH!! I am being induced in 2wks, I mean-what the heck people!! Hopefully I will find the results quicker this time, then I did last week... Hopefully I will pass the 3hr test!

With Diabetes in my head & this low fluid thing (not to mention, he/she is measuring 'small'...) .. I have a bag packed for me & the baby. I also have one for Lucas... Just in case I get to the Drs tomorrow & we have to have the baby right then & there. Lucas isn't coming with me- I told him not to, it'd be silly. He only works (literally) 3mins away from the hospital & his boss/co-workers know how far along I am & all that good stuff.

I still can't believe this baby will be here in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. Wow. That's nuts :)

Also, We got our maternity pics back! They look amazing! Iwish there were some more of us smiling--but thats okay! I can't wait to see what she does for the baby!!!!

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  1. Hi honey! I love the new car!!!!! Wow it's really nice!!! And the car seat looks perfect in the middle! No worries there! That way you can position your mirror to see!!!!
    I am anxiously waiting today to hear what the Dr. says and what the tests show! I know you and Lucas have been very concerned this past week (after the low fluid and diabetes tests) but remember God is in control and He's brought you and Baby A this far! I really think all will be well! Hey I am ready to get up and over the mountain if they decide you need to deliver today, tomorrow, ANYTIME! Please let me know what the Dr. says today! Lucas called me yesterday and says he is ready if/when you call!!!!! I know Robert and the crew at work will make sure he gets there ok!!! lol...
    Liz the pictures are wonderful!!! I love, love, love them!!!! I think you and Lucas are perfect together!!!!! You can tell by just looking at the pics how happy you both are!!!!! And for Baby A!!!!!
    I love you honey and really do enjoy the blog!!!!!!
    And I'm really glad I found the Graco High Chair for Baby A!!!!! What a great deal!!! I hope you guys like it when it gets there!!!

    You are a wonderful addition to our family honey!!! Everyone here loves you so much!!!! Can't wait until Super Bowl so everyone on this side of the mountain can meet the new little Freeman!!!!! Mama T