Saturday, July 30, 2011

18wks :)

Welp, made it to 18 wks :) Nothing new.. Lucas & I went to Pigeon Forge today, we went shopping :) Didn't buy anything... Since we don't know what we are having-We don't want to spend the extra money & get the wrong color ;) Just more shopping to do when Baby comes :) I thought I'd do another one of these thingys:
How far along?- 18wks & 2days
How big is baby?- Sweet Potato
Total weight gain/loss- We don't have a scale here at the house.. I'll find out Thursday :)
Maternity Clothes- Still in my Mediums.. We went to Motherhood today & found some jeans-they were just too long. So, we didn't get anything... :'(
Sleep- Getting better.. Waking up sometimes to go pee.. ;)
Movement- Felt something on Thursday-pretty cool! They say, if you count 147 days from the first movement-that's when baby will come-Well, thats a week early.. Hmmmmm :)
That's about it.... We took the dogs to Petsmart lastnight to get their nails done.. We noticed Delilah had a sore on her nose.. Lord knows where she got it from. Well today, it 'busted'-kind of like a blister (YUCK). Lucas put some stuff on her nose for it--if it doesn't go away by Thursday-I'll take her to the vet.. Which means, we will have to pay for more shots.. L O V E L Y!!!
Here is a new picture.. ENJOY :) *OH & my wedding pictures are up.. I need to meet up w/Chantena to get the Disk THEN I will FINALLY get to send out THANK YOUS!!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Herrrooow!! Made it to 17wks & it's raining out! YaYaYaYa!!! We really needed this rain. Although, Now Lucas is going to have to mow, AGAIN! Eeek! ;) I really don't miss mowing, but-I do like to help him when I can.
Not a whole lot going on this week. Just trying to beat the heat!--I don't know how Lucas does it, he works outside, 8-10hrs a day.. sometimes, 12 hours a day. I'm like the annoying fly, always around your head-bc I always ask him if he has enough water. I can't have him passing out on me!! :) FINALLY went to the Pool yesterday w/my sister & Robin. I missed it.. soo much! It was def what the Dr ordered!! :) I got a little bit of color, I actually ate my entire lunch.. It was a BIG day for me. Hahahaha... I was looking forward to going to the pool again today, but (as I said earlier) it's raining.
After the pool/lunch yesterday, I came home & took a nap (it was amazing)!! When I woke up, i wasn't feeling too well. I went & got Lucas and I some dinner--that still didn't help. It's like im extremley ansey/anxious. I didn't go to bed until 2am this morning, I woke up at 830.. I just ate some Mac N Cheese (Y U M) and I'm still hot and blah feeling. Hopefully it'll go away before I have to work on Saturday. Who wants to work a 12hr shift feeling like crap? NOBODY!!!
Lucas and I didn't get around to Target this weekend to do our Registry there. But, I did get him to take me to Home Depot & get this little bench thingy for the babies room. Its so stinkin cute! Needless to say, building it was a...blast.. but, it got done & it looks great :)
I really don't have much more to say.. So I thought I'd post a new little thingy-ma-bober up..
How far along: 17wks
How big is baby: size of an onion!
Total weight gain/loss: As of the last Drs appt I gained +2lbs.. but I'm still -2 from my begining weight.
Maternity Clothes: Naaaah! Im wearing my yoga pants & my medium tops :) I'm totally okay with that!!
Sleep: Didn't get much of it lastnight.. Hopefully tonight will be a different story!!
Movement: Nothing.. :( Hopefully in 2-3wks I'll start to feel something
Mood: Eh..
Food Cravings: None really.. Sweets!
Symptoms: --
Gender: (as you read from the last post) we aren't finding out! It's kinda fun.. But, Im anxious :)
I can't wait for our Drs appt in 2wks.. Im ready to hear a heart beat again! I think once I start to feel the baby move, I'll be okay with having a Drs appt every 4wks. Usually about week 2 & 3 Im ready to go & hear that everything is okay!!
I know most of y'all are my friend(s) on Facebook.. But, I had to share this with y'all. I found this picture on --It's where people make homemade crafts & things like that. Well, I was reading a blog on & someone had posted this picture of a baby in a reindeer hat. It's freaking adorable! I posted it on Chantenas FB--and she seemed to like it too! So, looks like I'll be buying the hat (which I am totally okay with!)!!! It's just too cute not to buy. & Chantena does a great job on pictures anyways, So-her pictures are going to be like 100x's better then this ;)
Speaking of, I haven't got my wedding pictures back. I am so impatient anymore. I keep harrassing Chantena about 'em--I feel bad for her!! Hopefully we'll be able to see the proofs by the end of the week/the begining of next week!!!
Here's the newest bump. Seems smaller then lastweek. I guess that happens depending on where the baby is.. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We bought something :)

WELP... we finally bought something for our Gecko.. DIAPERS ;) !!!!!! YaY! Hahaha.. Needless to say I was excited!
We went to Babies R Us last weekend to start our baby registery. Thankfully, Lucas & I had already went through the store (prior to last weekend) to see what they had to offer. So we SOMEWHAT had an idea of where things were/what we are going to ask for. We didn't do any diapers/bottles/nipples because I hadn't done my research/asked around about bottles and I wanted to go to Target to get their brand (Up & Up). --Their cheaper & they're supposed to be just as good as Huggies/Pampers. I believe we got more toys/books then anything. Haha.. Oh Well! I plan on asking for more things @Target-just because I think more people have Targets then Babies R Us, but I may be wrong!
I talked to Mama T (Lucas' Mom) and she had mentioned something about having a Baby Shower for me on that side of the Mountain! I am super excited about that!! I know everyone on Lucas' side of the family will be excited about having a new baby coming into the Family!! That one will be sometime in Septemeber. My Mom & Sister are going to have one for me down here for my friends/family here in town!-I can't wait for that one either, It will be sometime in the begining of Novemeber. I love presents, esp. when they are for my baby!!! *YAY*
I'm not sure If I told y'all or not. But, we (Meaning, Dr M & Lucas talked me into this.. jk!) decided we are NOT going to find out the sex of the baby. I'm okay with this. It's not going to be easy, but It will be FUN!!!! I'm going to buy 2 different outfits to bring him/her in. I can't wait to go shopping for that!!! I'm really hoping this bun in the oven is cooking a little ahead of schedule so we can can out FIRST family Christmas!!! :) :) :) So, not only are we going to wait on the Sex, y'all will have to wait on the name (which Im sure many of you know..), have to wait on the bedroom (we will have a bedroom for him/her, just no pirates or owls right away!) AND we will be shopping for some baby clothes soon after the baby comes!! I just can't wait!!!
I'm already thinking about Black Friday. Last year-at Gap, they had EVERYTHING 50% off!! I'm a BIG fan of that! --That's pretty much why Lucas got a bunch! Things are going to be a tad bit different this year.. More/Less buying for baby!!! -Which we've told each other not to bother with one-another & focus on baby :)
Last weekend, We had our friends Ashlea, her hubby Travis, Drew, his fiance Brittany & their little boy Trevor (1 yrs) over. It was hilarious watching Jerry & Trevor. Jerry LOVED Trevor, which was a good thing. It was funny because Jerry was so tired-but Trevor wanted to play some more.. Jerry just kept 'running away'-but, Trevor found him! Hahahaha!!!! Needless to say, we wont have a problem with Jerry & the baby. It will probably be Delilah.. when we get the extra money, I am going to take her to 'Puppy Training' @Petsmart--that'll help ((HOPEFULLY!!!!)) :)
Here is a recent picture of me & the bump. If you haven't noticed. I wear A LOT of Black & Grays. Don't ask why.. I just do! Lol... 16wks & 2days. I think when I get to 20wks I'll post all of the pictures from wk 11. Maybe fun to see how much my belly has changed. Its crazy, I'll wake up some days & feel like I dont have a belly and by the end of the day WHAM there it is! Hahaha...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding & Baby :) :)

Loooky at what I haaaave!! Sneak peak @our weddings pictures!! AHHH:) Chantena did a GREAT job!! I highly recomend EVERYONE to look at her stuff! She mainly deals with babies, toddlers, families, ect--So I was VERY thankful I got her for our engagement pictures & wedding day!! She is also going to do our babies pictures!!! YIPPEE!! Chantena has been supper busy-which I understand. She said our pictures should be done by the 20th! I can't wait!! I also have to thank my friend Brooke for introducing her to us!! She's also on FB (BubblesNPuddles) Here's her website-->>
Me getting ready at the hotel before the BIG moment :)
Me hiding in Robins car.. I didn't want Lucas to see me before the wedding :)
Brandi, Robin, Me, Meridith, Brooke
Me & Lucas by Concord Lake
Now on to the baybeee ;) 15wks & 1 day today! Lucas was able to come with me to this appt! It seems like it takes longer to park then being in that office! We go in, I pee in a cup, I then get weighed (gaind 2lbs!) give Dr M. my list of questions, he answers them, puts the doppler thingy on my belly & WHAM--theres the heart beat!!! We sit & talk for about 30 seconds and then we are off!! I asked Dr M about paint, he said it was okay to paint, I can spray tan :) & the babys heartbeat was 150! Which, according to some people-If its a LOW heartbeat it's a boy, if its a HIGH heartbeat it's a girl!! Dr M didn't seem concerned about anything, just said, See ya in 4wks! :)
Next appt we will be 19wks. So, we wont be able to find out the sex then-but Dr M said we will have to do an ultra sound sometime soon after that ro make sure everything is okay :). Lucas & I are wanting to do an 'elective' 3d/4d ultra sound. We are going to wait & see how much they cost at Dr. M's office--If its too much, they also offer them at one of the other Womens Pavilion (not far from work/Dr M's office). So we may go there. But, it wont be til' the end of Sept/begining of Oct for that. And we will be inviting all of out immediate family to that one :)
Here is a picture of me today, after we ate breakfast
We had a good time last weekend in NC! We really enjoy going to Shanes house for the 4th & seeing everyone. Mama T & Mike grilled out for us on Sunday-It was very good :) Then we left on Monday bc we both had to work on Tuesday!!
I am glad to report my hair is FINALLY growing!! Those prenatal vitamins are finally working :) Ya Ya Yaaa!!
The girls at work & I have been measuring my belly every week. They get a kick out of it, I freak out. Its fun.. Hahaha :) As of Wednesday, from belly-button to belly-button, I am 37inches. thaaats A LOT for me. Still dealing with this image thing. But, its getting better!!!
My grandma is in town this week-she is watching my Uncle & (soon to be) Aunts house/dog while they are out of town. THEN my mom and dad are coming to town again NEXT week!! YAY!! :) :) :)
-I've done some 'changing' on the blog.. I just don't understand why it double-spaces everything. It's very annoying. Im still learning though :)