Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prime-CHECK :)

Oh, Lucas.. How much do I love thee? :) I love him, A LOT. Esp, afer this weekend!!!! Lets see... He got the nursery (pretty much) cleaned out, finished priming the walls, cleaned out the garage, bought me flowers AND got me this Christmas Wreath I've been wanting from Target. Good people, good people :) Now, we have to move Delilah to the garage, remove the base boards & paint!!! Sounds like we have a busy weekend ahead of us!! :) :) :) We've been doing a lot of car shopping lately--Just looking/Test driving to see what we both like & what will be safe for the baby. Lets just say-IT SUCKS. Or, Im just too picky ;) We've found 2-3 we really like, but these stupid Car Salesmen wont work with us on the price-I just dont get it! I mean, Hellooo---but, whatever-there loss. We will just find one bigger, better & cheaper!! :)
Things to look forward to::
*Thanksgiving is next week. I can't believe it is almost here. Where has this year gone?
*Black Friday Shopping
*Maternity Pics
I go to the Dr tomorrow for my 34wk check up. Can't wait to see how much weight I've gained in 2wks (NOT!) Hahaha.. When I go back in 2wks--I'll start going EVERY WEEK. Whoa Nelly......

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