Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Goal(s)...

Okay... 6 weeks until I have to go back to work... My Goals... 1-Have a super duper clean house... -all laundry & dishes cleaned and put away. I don't want Aniston to get into a habit of leaving stuff on the coffee table or kitchen table. Everything has a place (& a lot of it is trash...) <-- I need to practice what I preach.. Hahaha... I need a swift kick in the butt to get this jump started..... 2-WORK OUT. I have 10 extra pounds just 'hanging out'.. I started my Golds Gym DVD today.. you use 3 resistance bands.. needless to say, the macho women on there was out of breath too--she claims it was bc she was talking while working out.. cha, right!! -I wanna be a MILF! ;) 3-(pretty much goes with #1)... cleaning out my closet. seriously. its a mess. I have shirts (softball ones to be exact) from when I was like 10-14 yrs old. --Vics Car Care to be exact (MANY of you know what Im talking about! LOL)... I can't wear those, who am I kidding?
Thats it. Just 3 of them. I can do it! Aniston will cheer me on from the couch or the swing, or whever ever she decides to sleep ;) *Speaking of Sleepy Heads..........

--she likes her rest :) I guess I should go work on my GOALS... ugh......

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost there...

(almost) 6wks down & 6 more to go. Can't wait to go back to work.. :) !!
We did find a sitter.. I'm not going back to work til' March 5th... So hopefully there will still be an opening for Aniston!! :) We really like the new sitter--she actually lives across the street from an Officer Friend & he spoke very highly of them (I had my brother check!) !!!!

Thankfully, Aniston is 6wks old & not in High School. Poor thing.. has acne all over her face & chest and has dry skin on her ears/behind her ears AND has cradle cap.. The dry skin/Cradle cap is starting to go away.. but the acne... not so much... Its all apart of it..

poor baby :(

Mom & Dad were here (and still are-YAY!) this weekend. I've said it before & I'll say it til' I'm blue in the face, I love when they are here!!! They helped my sister move out of her old apartment, into the new apartment--and of course hung out with us :) My mom and I have been trying to figure out how we are going to do Anistons room. I knew I wanted to do an owl theme-But, I didn't really want to do the whole Babies R Us/Target Owl thing. I have plenty of Owl Pictures & Lucas is going to draw a tree on the wall.. so we figured we would stick with the pink/blue/green colors.. Lets just say-It's going too look AMAZING..
Here is a sneak peak of what we have.... & a pic of the mirrors lucas painted for me :) Mom will have to take the fabric home & sew it together....

I can't wait for them to move down here.
Another milestone this week.. we have mastered the swing.. wahoooo!!!

we have also mastered sleeping in the crib :) Its taking a little bit of an adjustment.. but we are getting there! She also slept 4 1/2 hrs lastnight !!!

What else happened this weekend.. Oh Yah.. Lucas dressed Aniston....

for those of you who dont know.. I am a Colts Fan (Peyton Manning..) and Lucas is the Patriots Fan (he loves Tom Brady..)... Well, look who is one-step closer to the Super Bowl.. oh brother.... ;)

Thats it for the week.. Mama T & Mike are coming down this weekend.. Lucas' 31st BDay is in 2 weeks & then Super Bowl is the weekend after that... Busy Busy Busy... ;)

Happy Baby.... Sad Baby.... :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

at my wits end..

Oh Aniston.. for something so cute & little.. you sure do cause for a big headache.. she sure is funny too::

*you may need to turn the volume up on the computer.. :)

yesterday was a rough day. thank goodness for Lucas :) I was literally at my wits end.. & asked him to come home--I dont ask him to come home (usually jokingly-but I was very serious!) I think every mom has that moment (at least I hope so!!)... Aniston has been very fussy the past 36hrs.. Everyone says it probably gas (which it probably is..) but she farts all of the time (-sorry Aniston, didn't mean to embarass you ;) -).... I guess it comes with it :)

aniston @4wks

We've had some great mile stones this week.. she is lifting her head by herself & can hold it up for a while.. she can somewhat sit up on her own.. and she is trying to roll over-its funny.. lol

Aniston sitting up in her bumbo :) @5wks

Aniston sitting on my lap watching TV

Lucas was excited to see her sitting up by herself.. so we decided to put her in the Carrier :) We looked long & hard for this thing.. lol

we should be getting our maternity pictures any day.. I can't wait.. which means Anistons pictures should be done in another 2wks *yay!*

the sitter we went & 'interviewed' didn't work out very well. I found someone else, again-close to the house.. which is great. We just have to set up a time to check out the people & the house!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy BDay Aniston :)

Happy 1 month Birthday Aniston :-)
this is my favorite outfit. I looove the baby 'Alice in Wonderland'.. makes me happy!!!!
So lets talk about Anistons latest Drs appt.. She is PERFECT!!! Not that we had any doubt ;) She is now 7lbs & 15.5 oz (in the 25%).. & is 19in long (in the 25%)! She's my little chunky monkey!!! Burping & Farting like a boy.. she has a closet/dresser like a girl. Thanks to Angela, Brooke, Mom & Mama T--we will have enough clothes to last us until Aniston is 1 yrs old!!!
i love these bows/flowers i found at the icing.. :)
Meridith got a new town house--it's really nice. Aniston & I have been over there a couple of times to help set everything up for her. Buuut, Auntie Mer Mer & Aniston end up playing...

thats all for now folks.. we meet with a sitter on Saturday. I am very excited about it.. She does it from her home & her husband works at the county clerks office.. she has lots of refreces as well AND she lives like 10mins away from the house!!! ALSO---she isn't expensive AT ALL!!! yaaayaaaa!!