Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Goal(s)...

Okay... 6 weeks until I have to go back to work... My Goals... 1-Have a super duper clean house... -all laundry & dishes cleaned and put away. I don't want Aniston to get into a habit of leaving stuff on the coffee table or kitchen table. Everything has a place (& a lot of it is trash...) <-- I need to practice what I preach.. Hahaha... I need a swift kick in the butt to get this jump started..... 2-WORK OUT. I have 10 extra pounds just 'hanging out'.. I started my Golds Gym DVD today.. you use 3 resistance bands.. needless to say, the macho women on there was out of breath too--she claims it was bc she was talking while working out.. cha, right!! -I wanna be a MILF! ;) 3-(pretty much goes with #1)... cleaning out my closet. seriously. its a mess. I have shirts (softball ones to be exact) from when I was like 10-14 yrs old. --Vics Car Care to be exact (MANY of you know what Im talking about! LOL)... I can't wear those, who am I kidding?
Thats it. Just 3 of them. I can do it! Aniston will cheer me on from the couch or the swing, or whever ever she decides to sleep ;) *Speaking of Sleepy Heads..........

--she likes her rest :) I guess I should go work on my GOALS... ugh......

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost there...

(almost) 6wks down & 6 more to go. Can't wait to go back to work.. :) !!
We did find a sitter.. I'm not going back to work til' March 5th... So hopefully there will still be an opening for Aniston!! :) We really like the new sitter--she actually lives across the street from an Officer Friend & he spoke very highly of them (I had my brother check!) !!!!

Thankfully, Aniston is 6wks old & not in High School. Poor thing.. has acne all over her face & chest and has dry skin on her ears/behind her ears AND has cradle cap.. The dry skin/Cradle cap is starting to go away.. but the acne... not so much... Its all apart of it..

poor baby :(

Mom & Dad were here (and still are-YAY!) this weekend. I've said it before & I'll say it til' I'm blue in the face, I love when they are here!!! They helped my sister move out of her old apartment, into the new apartment--and of course hung out with us :) My mom and I have been trying to figure out how we are going to do Anistons room. I knew I wanted to do an owl theme-But, I didn't really want to do the whole Babies R Us/Target Owl thing. I have plenty of Owl Pictures & Lucas is going to draw a tree on the wall.. so we figured we would stick with the pink/blue/green colors.. Lets just say-It's going too look AMAZING..
Here is a sneak peak of what we have.... & a pic of the mirrors lucas painted for me :) Mom will have to take the fabric home & sew it together....

I can't wait for them to move down here.
Another milestone this week.. we have mastered the swing.. wahoooo!!!

we have also mastered sleeping in the crib :) Its taking a little bit of an adjustment.. but we are getting there! She also slept 4 1/2 hrs lastnight !!!

What else happened this weekend.. Oh Yah.. Lucas dressed Aniston....

for those of you who dont know.. I am a Colts Fan (Peyton Manning..) and Lucas is the Patriots Fan (he loves Tom Brady..)... Well, look who is one-step closer to the Super Bowl.. oh brother.... ;)

Thats it for the week.. Mama T & Mike are coming down this weekend.. Lucas' 31st BDay is in 2 weeks & then Super Bowl is the weekend after that... Busy Busy Busy... ;)

Happy Baby.... Sad Baby.... :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

at my wits end..

Oh Aniston.. for something so cute & little.. you sure do cause for a big headache.. she sure is funny too::

*you may need to turn the volume up on the computer.. :)

yesterday was a rough day. thank goodness for Lucas :) I was literally at my wits end.. & asked him to come home--I dont ask him to come home (usually jokingly-but I was very serious!) I think every mom has that moment (at least I hope so!!)... Aniston has been very fussy the past 36hrs.. Everyone says it probably gas (which it probably is..) but she farts all of the time (-sorry Aniston, didn't mean to embarass you ;) -).... I guess it comes with it :)

aniston @4wks

We've had some great mile stones this week.. she is lifting her head by herself & can hold it up for a while.. she can somewhat sit up on her own.. and she is trying to roll over-its funny.. lol

Aniston sitting up in her bumbo :) @5wks

Aniston sitting on my lap watching TV

Lucas was excited to see her sitting up by herself.. so we decided to put her in the Carrier :) We looked long & hard for this thing.. lol

we should be getting our maternity pictures any day.. I can't wait.. which means Anistons pictures should be done in another 2wks *yay!*

the sitter we went & 'interviewed' didn't work out very well. I found someone else, again-close to the house.. which is great. We just have to set up a time to check out the people & the house!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy BDay Aniston :)

Happy 1 month Birthday Aniston :-)
this is my favorite outfit. I looove the baby 'Alice in Wonderland'.. makes me happy!!!!
So lets talk about Anistons latest Drs appt.. She is PERFECT!!! Not that we had any doubt ;) She is now 7lbs & 15.5 oz (in the 25%).. & is 19in long (in the 25%)! She's my little chunky monkey!!! Burping & Farting like a boy.. she has a closet/dresser like a girl. Thanks to Angela, Brooke, Mom & Mama T--we will have enough clothes to last us until Aniston is 1 yrs old!!!
i love these bows/flowers i found at the icing.. :)
Meridith got a new town house--it's really nice. Aniston & I have been over there a couple of times to help set everything up for her. Buuut, Auntie Mer Mer & Aniston end up playing...

thats all for now folks.. we meet with a sitter on Saturday. I am very excited about it.. She does it from her home & her husband works at the county clerks office.. she has lots of refreces as well AND she lives like 10mins away from the house!!! ALSO---she isn't expensive AT ALL!!! yaaayaaaa!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 at a glance...

2011 memories...
macho man & snooki hooked up
sister moved here & she got a kitty
engagemet pix
bach. party
i do :)
4th of july weekend... i thought i was big here!!!
baby shower in NC @20wks
baby shower in TN @32wks
32 wks
aniston elizabeth @37wks :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec 29....

Today was supposed to be my due date.. Aniston had other plans :) 3 wks ago today I was in the hospital awaiting my sweet baby Anistons arrival.. :) couldn't be any happier!!
This past weekend was Christmas (duh!) weekend!! Saturday, Mom, Dad & I went to the mall to get Aniston a picture w/Santa. It was perfect! No long line, Santa looked like Santa & everyone was friendly... :)
Then we had Christmas w/my Mom, Dad, Brother & GMa.. We all got spoiled... & Aniston got spoiled the most (imagine that)!! I was so happy we were able to share Christmas w/my family. I miss my Mom & Dad so much when they are gone.. Esp. now that I have Aniston!! Then we (the 3 of us) had out Christmas. Aniston got a toy, Lucas got a tool thingy & some other small things, I got a new car & some other small things. It was awesome :) :)
Anistons Christmas outfit :)
TJ & Dad fell asleep.... :)
Mom wearing my Sock Monkey hat.. hahaha...
Sunday, we woke up early & headed out East to NC. We 'surprised' the family by coming down on Christmas Day---everyone was so happy to see us -actually, I think they were more excited about seeing/meeting Aniston!!- who can blame them? :) Of course, when we got to Lucas' Mom & Dads house, we ALL got spoiled. I got an iphone, Lucas got a jigsaw & Aniston got all sorts of stuff!! Then we headed out to Pam & Jims to have Christmas w/them. It was great seeing everyone!! I had 20 babysitters :) Lucas & I took a nap on the couch--It was much needed! Hahahaha...
Granpa Mike & Aniston on Christmas
Lucas & I napping... :)
Jerry, Delilah, Granpa Mike, Aniston & Sable... Hahaha
We came home on Monday evening-Lucas had to work on Tuesday & I wanted to spend some more time w/my Mom & Dad before they headed back to Indiana...
Wednesday was FAMILY FUN DAY... Mom, Dad, Muri, Aniston & I went to Chattanooga, TN to go visit the Aquarium... It was awesome! I wish Lucas would have came with us--he would've really enjoyed it (supid work!!) !!!!
Auntie Mer Mer & Aniston in the Shark cage...
Auntie Mer Mer, Grams & Aniston...
Pops & Auntie Mer Mer
Today, Mom & Dad are heading back home :( I hate it. I think they were upset that they were leaving Aniston too.. Dad is coming back in a month.. He is going to stay @Muris while she is in Florida for work. Mom said she is going to come down & visit Dad too!! I also set up Skype on there computers so we can all Skype together :) Aniston also had her newborn pictures done! I can't wait for y'all to see them! Chantena does such a good job.. worth all the money :) --We should get them in 4wks--WAHOOO!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2 weeks-already?? :)

Time flies when you're having fun...!!!
Aniston is 2wks old today. How crazy is that? --Very crazy.......
This is Aniston's 1st Christmas Outfit....
We had some company yesterday. Lucas' family came up for the day--it was great! Mama T, Pam, Weezy, Jake, Lindsay & Issac came!!! They loved Aniston :) !!!!!!
*Pam & Jerry* Hahaha...
*Weezy & Aniston*

*Jake & Aniston* *Lindsay & Aniston*

*Mama T & Aniston*
Who would've thought I would have to deal with weight gain/loss w/a 2wk old.... NOT ME!!! Aniston was born 7lbs on a Thursday--we had a Drs appt that following Monday to have a 'check up'. That Monday we found out she had lost weight (which is normal), she was 6lbs 5oz. Because of the 'weight loss' we had to go back on that Friday & check her weight again. Friday she gained 1oz.. VERY frustrating because she had been doing really well eating. AGAIN, because of the weight-we had to go back this past Monday. On Monday, she gained another oz & we actually got to talk to the Dr. It was nice talking to her because I had been beating myself up over her weight. I didn't want them to think that I hadn't fed her--because I do!!! Well, because of her 'oz' gain, we had to go back Today. Today was a GREAT day. She gained 7oz in 4 DAYS!!!! WAHOOO!! Now, we dont have to go back for another week (for her 3wk check up)!!!! ---Which explains a lot. She has been eating as if there is NO tomorrow! She usually eats 2-3oz every 2-3hrs. Well, lately-she's been drinking almost 5oz in 2hrs--that's A LOT for her. But, if she's hungry--then I'll feed her! Hahaha... :)
Christmas is almost here! I can't wait for Lucas to see what he got for Christmas :) :) My Mom & Dad are also on there way here *YAY*!!!! We are celebrating Christmas together on Saturday (for lunch) then, us 3 (Lucas, Aniston & I) are going to celebrate Christmas together that night.... I can't wait!!!!!!


Love, the Freemans :)