Friday, November 11, 2011

7 more weeks :)

I can't believe I only have 7 (or less) more weeks to go. This is NUTS. I remember when I was 7wks pregnant & went to the Dr for my 1st u/s.. & it was just a BEAN!!! Now, @33wks--My baby has fat cheeks & is a NINJA!!!! Hahahaa... So Crazy :)
Because of the Due Date creeping up so quickly & the blogs/boards I follow TB (, I am freaking out! A lot of the December moms have become November moms (keeping in mind they are also 2-3 wks ahead of me...) But--DANG.. Thanksgiving will be here in 2wks. T-W-O W-E-E-K-S! This is crazy.. I mean, NUTS... I have this feeling of not being prepared & not having anything done. I hate it. I need a schedule & I need for the baby to follow it ;) Hahaha..
This year, Lucas' mom & dad are coming to town for Thanksgiving again. I have a JOB for them :) !! Here are a list of things I would like done BEFORE Thanksgiving..
1-FINISH priming
2-Move Delilah out of the nursery
3-Have that room cleaned out (like CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN)
4-POSSIBLY start on the FIRST coat of paint
5-Paint Dresser (not the drawers)
While Lucas' Mom & Dad are in town, here is the list I'd to have DONE before they leave..
1-ALL of the painting finished
2-Remove baseboards
3-put down hardwood floors
4-Paint baseboards
5-put the baseboards back up
6-*MAYBE* MAYBE * MAYBE* HOPEFULLY* get the crib built
We've got A LOT to do. We are getting the glider NEXT Friday (YAY!) & I think we are having to put that together--which is okay, BUT--we need somewhere to put it.... Living room is CRAMMED with Baby Stuff.. Garage is FULL.. I am so overwhelmed. I just want it done! & I know everyone keeps saying, it'll get done. I honestly don't want the nursery to still smell like paint once he/she is here. Once he/she is here, we are going to be busy-- so we wont have time for this stuff!! I hate it bc there really isn't much I can do. I can't paint (even though there is ZERO VOC--the paint still stinks, I can still smell it in the nursery...) I can't move anything (too heavy).. I feel HELPLESS & I DONT LIKE IT!!!
I know once the nursey is done, the living room will be cleaned out.. It just seems like this list is NEVER ending... :) We'll get there.. But think about it.. @Thanksgiving I will be 35wks.. and we all know once Thanksgiving hits-Christmas is (literally) right around the corner!!! & Once I hit 36wks, I go to the Dr EVERY week. I am secretly hoping the baby is 100% done cooking BEFORE Christmas.. I would LOVE to be in MY home w/our NEW baby to celebrate Christmas!!!
Here is a picture from our Maternity shoot a couple of weeks back.. I can't wait to see the rest of them :) I love Chantenas work (BubblesNPuddles).. she does amazing things. I esp can't wait for her to take pictures of the baby :) :) :)

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  1. Ok Mommy......take a deep breath NOW! All your to do lists will be done so PLEASE don't stress out or Baby A will be here too early! We will help you honey but you need to trust us! It's normal to feel this way honey! It's called Nesting!!! Mike & I will do whatever we can to help you & Lucas get ready! I love you sweetie! Oh & I think you & Lucas are doing a wonderful job! Uh both of you are also working YOUR butts off! No worries sweets. Love you dearly, Mama T