Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Everyone has a rough day.. hour.. whatever.. this just happens to be a rough week. It happens, right? :) Trying not to stress over it--Not good for the baby.

Not a whole lot to report. Baby Shower in NC is next week!! I can't wait to see everyone!!! :) I'm hoping to get a picture with everyone to put in a baby book I am going to make myself-- I plan on using something on Shutterfly.com !!!
Time for another survey thingy....
How far along?- 22wks
How big is baby?- the size of a papaya!! (be this size for like 3 wks.. booo!!!)
Total weight loss/gain- as of my last drs appt (last week) I have gained a total of 6 lbs. Now, I don't know if that is my "starting" weight of my pregnancy or my "regular" weight.
Maternity Clothes-Yup, wearing maternity jeans. My medium tops are becoming a tad short. haha..

Sleep-Kinda.. Im either hot or cold.. Having dreams.. or just waking up @430am.. Hmm..
Movement- YES! I felt him/her from the outside on Monday :) It was awesome!!!!!! I can't wait for Lucas to feel it!!!
Food Cravings- Chocolate.. Subs..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Da Belly.. aka Da Budda :)

Welp.. Here it is.. 19 more weeks to go.. I can't wait! I thought in 'celebration' of this week, I'd post the pictures of my growing belly. Now, keep in mind-When I thought I was big-I had NO idea what was coming ahead of me.. & I still dont :)
Pretty crazy huh? I thought so :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Healthy Baby :)

Yay! We have ONE healthy baby growing inside of me :) The Dr's appt went great!!! I was so nervous before we went. I had a terrible dream that night before (this is my 2nd bad dream-when leading up to an ultra sound). Meridith was able to come with us this time. We got to the Drs office & went right into the ultrasound room. Dr M has a new U/S tec, I was so worried she was going to be mean-she was everything but mean. Very Nice & answered ALL of my questions. ((I talk A LOT when I am nervous!-lol)) She explained everything to us, like what she was looking for & how it looked, blah blah. I was SO nervous she was going to tell us if baby was a boy or girl--she respected our wishes & didn't say a word about it. :) It was awesome!!! :) Now, Im not going to lie, everything looked the same to me. I couldn't tell if we were looking at the heart or the brain. At least, I somewhat new where the head was-LOL!!! Here is a picture of our monster :)

Now, I know what you are thinking, "What the crap am I looking at?" I thought the very same thing! Esp after she explained it to me-it still made NO sense to me at all. Then I was like, what is the baby doing to its hand? The nurse explained that his/her fist was balled up. So, to help explain what we are looking at, I made a diagram to explain (I hope I'm right!)::

I hope this helps out. Even if it helps just a little bit ;) To me, it looks like the baby has a fat lip & is ready to fight! Hahaha.. But, whatever! I wish the nurse would've taken a little better picture (there were many opp.) She also took a picture of the heart chambers (why would I need that? Don't ask) Which, I really don't care for, but it was nice of her. As long as the baby has everything he/she is supposed to have, I'm totally okay with it!!

After the u/s we went & talked to Dr M. He assured us everything looked great, the Due Date is still Decemeber 29th & he is so excited that we are not finding out the sex--he doesn't know the sex either! :) Which makes it even more fun! :)

We then came home, Lucas had to go back to work :(. Meridith & I went down to Market Square, ate lunch @Oodles, then went walking around the shops. It was fun! I haven't done that in a while. I found some of the cutest sock monkey baby stuff. I LOVED IT! I am going to get Lucas to come down there (when it cools down) and shop w/me!! I took some pictures of the sock monkey stuff I found:

A sock monkey night light :)

& a sock monkey onesie!

We have our Baby Shower in NC in almost 2 weeks (YAY!) & We don't go back to the Dr til Sept 7/8 (something like that)!!!

I am also getting excited for my friend Brooke, she is going to have her second baby girl Sept 15th! Her daughter, Charlee, is such a doll. I can't wait to see what Miss Mikah is going to look like :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1/2 BAKED!!!!

whoa nelly! Only 2o more weeks to go :) YaYaYaYa!!! I am really looking forward to next week! I finally get to see baby Gecko!!!!! I know Lucas is excited too-he just doesn't show it like I do!!
Mama T's baby shower for us is like 3 weeks away! I can't wait to see everyone!! Seems like the wedding was months ago (only 3-haha). That say was such a blur anyway-Im ready to sit & hang out with everyone!! I think once we have the baby shower, Lucas & I will FINALLY start on the babys room. Got A LOT to do before we can even start painting. I mean, when you think about it-First Baby Shower (Sept), Halloween (Oct), Thanksgiving (Nov), Christmas (Dec)-BABY!!! It will be here sooner then later-that's for dang sure :) :) :)
I know it's a short blog-but, I'll be sure to write more NEXT week!! --I'll have plenty to talk about then :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

So Excited :) :)

Week 19 is here.. & dang.. only 21 more to go!! I am getting so excited!! We went to the Drs yesterday & my sister was able to come with me. She was talkative the whole way there, in the waiting room, in the actually room & then got super quiet after she heard the heartbeat. & she was super quiet the whole way home. I thought something was wrong-nope! She was just overwhelmed. Which I understand 110%!! It can be very overwhelming!!! I was glad to she was able to come :) Dr said everything seemed fine. He was pleased to see I gained 3lbs. He said we get an ultrasound in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS!!! TWO WEEKS!!! I am so excited :) I can't wait to count 10 finges & 10 toes!! I can't wait to see what he/she looks like.. I can't wait to get a new picture!! AHH!!! I am just SO excited!!! :) --Here is the latest picture. I don't look as big as the other pictures. I think a lot of the bloat is gone & now its growing baby time! The lady at the bank today asked me if something was different about me, I said, well-I curled my hair... She said No.. its something else.. I was like, Oh-this? I'm pregnant! You could tell she was thankful to hear that-and not just come on out saying I was fat! LOL!!! Cracked me up.
Lucas & I are starting to 're-do' the dresser that I've had F O R E V E R! We are going to sand it down & put some kind of a wood finish on top of it. It's the same color as the baby bed/changing table we asked for on our registry!! Here is a picture of Lucas starting to sand the 1 of 3 drawers..
THANKFULLY... Lucas' boss, Robert, came to the rescue AGAIN for us. He is letting us borrow his electric sander.. Thankfully!!! It's been tuff doing it by hand!! But, we did get a lot done. We still have to start on the 3rd drawer AND on the actual dresser itself! We'll get there :) I mean, we only have 21 (give or take) weeks :)
I got my wedding pictures :) YAY! Here are a couple of my FAVS!!!

Loooove the pictures! So worth the wait :) I can't wait to see what she does with Baby F :) :) :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Consignment Finds... :)

Recently, Brooke & I went to a consignment sale in Turkey Creek. It was NUTS! I loved it though!! :) We waited in line for an hour in the hot.. hot.. hot.. hot.. H O T heat.. We were like the first 15 people in. It was NUTS. I had NO idea what I was looking for. There were TONS of strollers, TONS of booster seats, TOYS, Girl Clothes, Bottles, Boy Clothes, SHOES, Movies, Books, Hair Bows.. You name it, they had it!! It was so overwhelming. Brooke & I went our seperate ways. I browsed around for a bit, then headed to the shoes. I knew Baby F was going to need a pair of converse shoes. I found 3 pairs of them!! :) :) :)

I also found 3 pairs of some other slip ons. I didn't mind buying the 'boyish' ones. They were cheap & I REALLY wanted to by something. LOL!!

The bottles that Lucas & I registered for--Guess What? THEY WERE THERE !! So I bought ALL of them (21 bottles)!!! All different sizes! :) Made me happy AND I got them at a good price!!!

I got 3 little outfits. Jeans, Little gry vest outsit & a blue onesie outfit :)

the jeans can be for a girl or boy...
and this outfit is def for a boy.. but I HAD to get it :)
I was pretty happy with what I got. I somewhat spent a lot-but 2 outfits, 21 bottles (w/nipples!) & 6 pairs of shoes =$60. Not too shabby in my book.
I now know what EXACTLY to get at the next consignment shop.<--Which is at the end of September. I am making Lucas come with me to that one :)