Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Talk about a wild weekend. It started on Friday, My Mom & Dad drove down from Indiana, Lucas' parents came over from NC & We went to the 3d/4d ultrasound. I loved every minute of it! I would pay the money & do it all over again. When we first got there, I was drinking REGULAR Mnt Dew (I haven't had a regular soda in forever!)--that way the baby was nice & sugared up so we could see his/her little face. When we got back into the room, BAM--there was my beautiful chubby baby :) Speechless. Loved it. I can't wait to meet him/her. Lucas & My sister were quiet during the ultrasound--It was just amazing!!!
After doing the ultrasound, Mom & Sister went off to the mall to do there thing, while Mama T, Mike, Lucas & I went off to Lowes to find us some paint for the babys room. We decided on a paint & primer & went from there! Mike had to go back Friday night to take care of the animals, but he was planning on coming back on Sunday for the Baby Shower--Mama T was staying until Sunday!! We also made a quick trip to the mall to see what they had.. I can't wait to start shopping for "A"... :)
Saturday, Mama T started priming the walls to the baby room-Its white, (duh) but it makes the room look so much bigger, its crazy!! Lucas built a fire pit, I went off to my brothers to hang out with my Mom & Dad for a while (they wont be back in town until Christmas/the Baby is born-Booo!!!). After that, I came home-ordered some pizza & we just hung out at the house!!!
Sunday, was Baby Shower time!!!! My Mom & Dad did a great job putting everything together. My dad is an amazing cook--He cooked for our wedding & everyone LOVED it!! :) Needless to say, the Baby Shower was a HUGE hit & everyone seemed to of had a good time! I can't believe how much we got!! Our living room is now FULL of baby stuff.. I can't wait to put it all in place!!!
My 3D/4D pic & a sneak peek of my Maternity Pic... Along w/my awesome cake :)
Lucas holding Mikah
I'll upload more pics later-- blogger isn't working to well-- THANKS again to everyone that came out for the shower :) :)

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  1. Liz it was so great that you & Lucas took me in for the weekend! I loved every minute! Thanks to you both for sharing the amazing 3/4D U/S with us! It was absolutely precious! I'm hoping to make it back soon to help more with the nursery! Mike's ready to help Lucas with the new flooring too! I just know you both will be amazing parents! I love you honey! Love you my dear! Mama T