Thursday, December 22, 2011

2 weeks-already?? :)

Time flies when you're having fun...!!!
Aniston is 2wks old today. How crazy is that? --Very crazy.......
This is Aniston's 1st Christmas Outfit....
We had some company yesterday. Lucas' family came up for the day--it was great! Mama T, Pam, Weezy, Jake, Lindsay & Issac came!!! They loved Aniston :) !!!!!!
*Pam & Jerry* Hahaha...
*Weezy & Aniston*

*Jake & Aniston* *Lindsay & Aniston*

*Mama T & Aniston*
Who would've thought I would have to deal with weight gain/loss w/a 2wk old.... NOT ME!!! Aniston was born 7lbs on a Thursday--we had a Drs appt that following Monday to have a 'check up'. That Monday we found out she had lost weight (which is normal), she was 6lbs 5oz. Because of the 'weight loss' we had to go back on that Friday & check her weight again. Friday she gained 1oz.. VERY frustrating because she had been doing really well eating. AGAIN, because of the weight-we had to go back this past Monday. On Monday, she gained another oz & we actually got to talk to the Dr. It was nice talking to her because I had been beating myself up over her weight. I didn't want them to think that I hadn't fed her--because I do!!! Well, because of her 'oz' gain, we had to go back Today. Today was a GREAT day. She gained 7oz in 4 DAYS!!!! WAHOOO!! Now, we dont have to go back for another week (for her 3wk check up)!!!! ---Which explains a lot. She has been eating as if there is NO tomorrow! She usually eats 2-3oz every 2-3hrs. Well, lately-she's been drinking almost 5oz in 2hrs--that's A LOT for her. But, if she's hungry--then I'll feed her! Hahaha... :)
Christmas is almost here! I can't wait for Lucas to see what he got for Christmas :) :) My Mom & Dad are also on there way here *YAY*!!!! We are celebrating Christmas together on Saturday (for lunch) then, us 3 (Lucas, Aniston & I) are going to celebrate Christmas together that night.... I can't wait!!!!!!


Love, the Freemans :)

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