Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec 29....

Today was supposed to be my due date.. Aniston had other plans :) 3 wks ago today I was in the hospital awaiting my sweet baby Anistons arrival.. :) couldn't be any happier!!
This past weekend was Christmas (duh!) weekend!! Saturday, Mom, Dad & I went to the mall to get Aniston a picture w/Santa. It was perfect! No long line, Santa looked like Santa & everyone was friendly... :)
Then we had Christmas w/my Mom, Dad, Brother & GMa.. We all got spoiled... & Aniston got spoiled the most (imagine that)!! I was so happy we were able to share Christmas w/my family. I miss my Mom & Dad so much when they are gone.. Esp. now that I have Aniston!! Then we (the 3 of us) had out Christmas. Aniston got a toy, Lucas got a tool thingy & some other small things, I got a new car & some other small things. It was awesome :) :)
Anistons Christmas outfit :)
TJ & Dad fell asleep.... :)
Mom wearing my Sock Monkey hat.. hahaha...
Sunday, we woke up early & headed out East to NC. We 'surprised' the family by coming down on Christmas Day---everyone was so happy to see us -actually, I think they were more excited about seeing/meeting Aniston!!- who can blame them? :) Of course, when we got to Lucas' Mom & Dads house, we ALL got spoiled. I got an iphone, Lucas got a jigsaw & Aniston got all sorts of stuff!! Then we headed out to Pam & Jims to have Christmas w/them. It was great seeing everyone!! I had 20 babysitters :) Lucas & I took a nap on the couch--It was much needed! Hahahaha...
Granpa Mike & Aniston on Christmas
Lucas & I napping... :)
Jerry, Delilah, Granpa Mike, Aniston & Sable... Hahaha
We came home on Monday evening-Lucas had to work on Tuesday & I wanted to spend some more time w/my Mom & Dad before they headed back to Indiana...
Wednesday was FAMILY FUN DAY... Mom, Dad, Muri, Aniston & I went to Chattanooga, TN to go visit the Aquarium... It was awesome! I wish Lucas would have came with us--he would've really enjoyed it (supid work!!) !!!!
Auntie Mer Mer & Aniston in the Shark cage...
Auntie Mer Mer, Grams & Aniston...
Pops & Auntie Mer Mer
Today, Mom & Dad are heading back home :( I hate it. I think they were upset that they were leaving Aniston too.. Dad is coming back in a month.. He is going to stay @Muris while she is in Florida for work. Mom said she is going to come down & visit Dad too!! I also set up Skype on there computers so we can all Skype together :) Aniston also had her newborn pictures done! I can't wait for y'all to see them! Chantena does such a good job.. worth all the money :) --We should get them in 4wks--WAHOOO!!!!!

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