Thursday, December 15, 2011

1 week old :)

Aniston is doing great here at the house. I can't believe she is a week old already!!!
Now, Im not going to lie--the first 2-3 nights here at the house was hard. Its difficult to adjust your life style to something so tiny & still be happy-go-lucky, not to mention the pain you still have... But, we've adjusted a few things & everything is going smoothly. :)
Mom & Dad came down on Saturday--just in enough time to see us at the hospital before we got discharged. I am SO happy they were able to come down!! :) I love them so much!! And they love Aniston so much :)

This is Anistons coming home outfit...

Jerry was very excited to meet his new little sister...

Uncle Andy came over to Meet Aniston as well.... :)

4 Generations.. of "Elizabeth"s :)

My Dad.. w/Aniston :)


  1. Hey Mommy & Daddy AND Aniston Elizabeth Freeman!!!! Honey I am so proud of you & Lucas for being the Awesome Parents I knew you would be!
    I know it's hard at the first couple of days but you two have worked as a team and that really helps alot! I can't imagine how hard it was for Lucas to go back to work and have to leave his two girls at home! He adores both of you so much. So do Granpa and I & all the family here in NC/Virginia!
    I am so excited to see you all on Wednesday!We love you so much Mommy!!!! Mama T

  2. I love you girl and you know I'm always here to talk and give you advice since my baby is about a month older than A. :). You'll do great especially since you have a helping hand! Enjoy being a great mommy!