Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello World...

Aniston Elizabeth Freeman was born 12-8-11 @445pm.. Weighing in @7lb & 19inches. 100% PERFECT!!!
Long story short.. Went to the Drs on Wednesday to get my 3hr GD test done & to have another ultrasound. Walked in, drank my nasty drink, took some blood. Then, went & had another ultrasound done. She made me mad (again) bc she 'forgot' to tell me the size of the baby & the tech was getting frustrated because the baby wasn't doing what the tech wanted her to do. Well, shortly after the u/s-I went & spoke w/Dr M. This is what our convo was, Dr M- "Your levels are too low & Im not risking you or the baby waiting another week. I have sh*t to do this weekend, so we are going to see you at 12:05am tonight (aka Thursday) & we are going to induce you..." Me- "Ok!". Hahahaha.. Short & Sweet and to the point. My levels weren't where he wanted them to be, so we had to do- what we had to do!
That day, I went running around.. Made sure everyone knew what was going on. Lucas' Mom & Dad were on there way from NC to help w/the dogs while we were in the hosptial. My Mom & Dad were coming up on Saturday (due to my moms work schedule..) and they were staying til' Wednesday. Because I was being induced at midnight, I couldn't eat NOR drink past 6pm (yucky!). Well, about a week ago-Brandi and I decided to have a girls night out at Hooters--Even though I couldn't eat, I was def going to be there!! We had a ball--laughing at drunk stories & talking about giving birth.. It was hilarious. By time I came home from Hooters-Lucas' Mom & Dad were there!!
Midnight rolled around, bags were packed & we were ready for this baby!! We got to the Hosp when we were supposed to, I got all set up in a room & the nurses started me off w/an IV & Pitocin (to get the contractions started). Well, my insurance didn't recognize my new lastname (funny, they recognize it when I owe them money.. LOL!!!) <--because of this, we are all WYLIES in here--instead of FREEMANS! Hahaha.. No biggie, as long as the birth certificate says FREEMAN!! :) I didn't get much sleep. Nerves & Anxiety hit me--plus I was having some cramps (normal)! Dr M came in @745am that morning, broke my water & said we should be having a baby by 4pm! After Dr M left, my cramps were turning into contractions & it was very painful. The Epidural Dr came in & asked me 1,000 questions & I got my epidural by 830am--AMAZING!!!! I couldn't feel a thing (literally) from my belly button down. KUDOS to those woman who decide to go "natural"... Not for me!!! After the epidural, I was getting checked every 2 hours to check my progress. At 12:30 Dr M had came in and said it would probably be closer to Dinner (hahahahahaha..... joke is on him!). Around 3:30-4, I was talking to one of the nurses & told her I had pressure near my booty. She's like-well, it's not really time for us to check you, but we will go ahead & do it. THANK GOD SHE DID!!! She had another nurse call Dr M & thats when the next hour FLEW by.
My epidural was still working (thankfully), I started to push. Dr M FINALLY got there (I told him this *no joke* "Well, Hell--it's about damn time you showed up"... He laughed & just kept repeating, "Well Hell.." he's a funny man!). We Dr M got there, the nurses had already told me the baby had red hair---this is when I started to pray to god for a girl! Lol... We (the nurses, me & Dr M) were all laughing at Lucas---he wouldn't cut the umbelical (sp?) cord--so he was the joke for 10mins... Hahaha... I pushed probably a total of 9 times (3 sets of 3) & BAM! We have a baby. Everything was hectic after that. Lucas was taking pictures, Dr M was making jokes & there SHE was. My CLONE! ;) I was happy to hear her cry, I was happy to hear she weighed MORE then 5lbs... and I was happy she was all ours.
My sister, Mama T & Mike were our first visitors. They weren't able to come into the room until 6pm--that gave everyone enough time to clean up & get situated. Seeing my Sister hold my baby girl made me cry! She was so excited. I was too. Mike & Mama T were besides themselves (can we blame them??!!) :)
All of our company was gone by 9.. We tried to nurse-it didn't work. But, the nurses said it was okay--bc she came out w/a full belly. Brandi was our next visitor (she came during her lunch break at work). I loved seeing Brandi w/Aniston. It was awesome. Aniston went into the Nursery around 1am, while Lucas & I slept-she was back by 430am to be fed. Failed, again. The nurse this time, said it was okay (again). *SMALL WORLD!!* This nurse, happens to live in Powell, I just so happen to be one of those people that pays attention to everything--come to find out, she lives in a house that we have to pass EVERYDAY. Her husband works for KPD & we know the same people. It was nuts!!! When that nurse left, I woke Lucas up & asked him to help me change Aniston--Needless to say, he did it all *again!* !!!! Once Aniston was changed, it got hectic. I finally gave in & gave her a bottle--she took it like a champ! Then, the Lactation lady came in, Mama T & Mike came, then the hearing dr came in, then someone took Aniston out of the room (no reason why at this time), someone from the hospital was there to take pictures, then the lunch lady came thru & took our order. Aniston had to leave bc HER Dr was there & they needed to check her out (everything was AOKAY!), Got some pictures taken, My friend, Jackie & her daughter came and hung out, then Grandma (GG) & TJ (Unc TJ) came in and met Aniston. TJ bought Aniston a HUGE teddy bear (Randal)--its adorable & soft!! They loved on Aniston for a while, then they headed out...
I FINALLY got a shower (Lol), Mama T & Mike left right before the Booby lady came back.. Delt with that mess for a bit. One of Lucas' co-workers, Amanda, came by.. Brooke & Mikah came by--Brooke bought the baby all sort of things & I also got some hand me downs!!! Shortly after that-Angela, Shelby & Ashley came by (I love those girls) and they all got to hold the baby. Ashley was pretty excited to tell me she is willing to babysit ;) Good to know!! Mama T & Mike came back through and gave Aniston a bottle. She took it like a champ :) Mike also got Aniston to open her eyes-- It was awesome.
I fell asleep, long enough for them to leave & for Lucas' boss (Robert) & his family (wife & 2 kids) come through. His kids are a hoot!! Mike & Lucy came by & brought the baby an outfit or 2 (LOVE!) and they hung out for a while. Shortly after they left, we tried to nurse again--FINALLY... IT WORKED!!! FINALLY!!!! YAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! So Happy. So SO SOOO Happy.
Now, we are sitting here.. wanting to go to bed.. but not wanting to let go of Aniston. She is amazing. Lucas has done EVERYTHING for her (and me) this entire time. Aniston is wrapped around his finger. I love watching him w/her. He is a softy ;)
My Mom & Dad are coming tomorrow (Saturday). I am SO excited. I can't wait for my mom to meet Aniston. Mom wanted me to have a girl SO bad. --and it happened!!!! :) I also can't wait for my dad to see her--He will cry :') ... Aniston looks just like My sister & I. I love it!!
The plan is to go home tomorrow. Hopefully in the morning, but--we shall see. If anyone is looking for a Dr and/or Hospital in the Knoxville area, I HIGHLY suggest St Marys downtown. These nurses have been SO NICE this ENTIRE time. I have asked them 10000 of questions & they are so patient and answer them. Im serious--they are ALL so kind. I haven't had the same nurse twice--which is okay. But, wow-they are great :)

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  1. What an AMAZING Adventure you and Lucas have been on this past week! I am so thankful that you have a Dr. that doesn't "wait" around to see what happens! He knew when it was time to get you and the baby safe! When I met him outside at the nurse's station, he was a hoot!!! I love that! Stuffy Dr.'s are just no fun!! You absolutely chose the right one for you!! Please tell him again how grateful I am for him! And WOW you are so right! The nursing staff are great! What little interaction I had with them was great too! I am so thrilled that you and Baby Aniston are safe and sound! Lucas has really stepped up to the plate and is an amazing daddy! Oh yeah you had it right when you said Aniston has him wrapped around her little finger! Uh I think it her whole body!!! He looks so sweet when taking care of her! And he's a great diaper changer!!! That's awesome! He also learned real fast how to swaddle her so she's warm!
    Liz, thank you honey for letting Mike and I share in this special time! We have enjoyed every minute here with the critters and of course visiting you guys at the hospital! I know you are looking forward to getting HOME!!!!!
    I can't tell you enough how proud of you and Lucas I am! Wonderful parent's!!! I love you honey! Mama T & Granma T!!!!! YIPEEEEEEE