Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Everyone has a rough day.. hour.. whatever.. this just happens to be a rough week. It happens, right? :) Trying not to stress over it--Not good for the baby.

Not a whole lot to report. Baby Shower in NC is next week!! I can't wait to see everyone!!! :) I'm hoping to get a picture with everyone to put in a baby book I am going to make myself-- I plan on using something on Shutterfly.com !!!
Time for another survey thingy....
How far along?- 22wks
How big is baby?- the size of a papaya!! (be this size for like 3 wks.. booo!!!)
Total weight loss/gain- as of my last drs appt (last week) I have gained a total of 6 lbs. Now, I don't know if that is my "starting" weight of my pregnancy or my "regular" weight.
Maternity Clothes-Yup, wearing maternity jeans. My medium tops are becoming a tad short. haha..

Sleep-Kinda.. Im either hot or cold.. Having dreams.. or just waking up @430am.. Hmm..
Movement- YES! I felt him/her from the outside on Monday :) It was awesome!!!!!! I can't wait for Lucas to feel it!!!
Food Cravings- Chocolate.. Subs..

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  1. Hi beautiful mommy! You are looking so great! I love reading your blog and seeing new pics of you! Thanks for sharing with us!!!! I can't wait to see you guys next Friday for the baby shower!!!!! Yipee! It's going to be fun to get the family together for YOU!!!!! A few friends will be here too!!!! I love you honey!!! Stay stress free, happy and safe! Mama T loves you more each day!!!