Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1/2 BAKED!!!!

whoa nelly! Only 2o more weeks to go :) YaYaYaYa!!! I am really looking forward to next week! I finally get to see baby Gecko!!!!! I know Lucas is excited too-he just doesn't show it like I do!!
Mama T's baby shower for us is like 3 weeks away! I can't wait to see everyone!! Seems like the wedding was months ago (only 3-haha). That say was such a blur anyway-Im ready to sit & hang out with everyone!! I think once we have the baby shower, Lucas & I will FINALLY start on the babys room. Got A LOT to do before we can even start painting. I mean, when you think about it-First Baby Shower (Sept), Halloween (Oct), Thanksgiving (Nov), Christmas (Dec)-BABY!!! It will be here sooner then later-that's for dang sure :) :) :)
I know it's a short blog-but, I'll be sure to write more NEXT week!! --I'll have plenty to talk about then :)

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  1. Honey you look adorable!!! Wow 20 weeks to go! That's not long at all! I am so excited for you and Lucas to get to have the ultrasound next week! That will be at 21 weeks right? I'm already looking forward to hearing how that app. went! And you are so right! Lucas is WAY more excited that he shows! I think that's a "man" thing! I love you honey!! Keep posting pics!!! Wish I were there to see you all!