Monday, August 1, 2011

Consignment Finds... :)

Recently, Brooke & I went to a consignment sale in Turkey Creek. It was NUTS! I loved it though!! :) We waited in line for an hour in the hot.. hot.. hot.. hot.. H O T heat.. We were like the first 15 people in. It was NUTS. I had NO idea what I was looking for. There were TONS of strollers, TONS of booster seats, TOYS, Girl Clothes, Bottles, Boy Clothes, SHOES, Movies, Books, Hair Bows.. You name it, they had it!! It was so overwhelming. Brooke & I went our seperate ways. I browsed around for a bit, then headed to the shoes. I knew Baby F was going to need a pair of converse shoes. I found 3 pairs of them!! :) :) :)

I also found 3 pairs of some other slip ons. I didn't mind buying the 'boyish' ones. They were cheap & I REALLY wanted to by something. LOL!!

The bottles that Lucas & I registered for--Guess What? THEY WERE THERE !! So I bought ALL of them (21 bottles)!!! All different sizes! :) Made me happy AND I got them at a good price!!!

I got 3 little outfits. Jeans, Little gry vest outsit & a blue onesie outfit :)

the jeans can be for a girl or boy...
and this outfit is def for a boy.. but I HAD to get it :)
I was pretty happy with what I got. I somewhat spent a lot-but 2 outfits, 21 bottles (w/nipples!) & 6 pairs of shoes =$60. Not too shabby in my book.
I now know what EXACTLY to get at the next consignment shop.<--Which is at the end of September. I am making Lucas come with me to that one :)

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  1. Wow! You did good honey!!!!! Everything you got is great! Hey if this little one isn't a boy (for the grey outfit) you can save it for the next one! lol....I love you honey!!! I bet that was awesome! Don't know if I could have stood the heat though! Ha, ha, ha! Good for YOU!!!