Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a WILD week :)

WILD is just about right!
Thursday Night, we decided to head on up to NC-that way we'd already be there Friday for the Baby Shower. Jerry (our pug) usually sits on my lap (well, he tries to.. he usually runs back and forth from Lucas to Me...) and Delilah (our 80lb goofball) sits in the back seat. Well, Because of my growing Belly-I REALLY can't have Jerry sitting on my lap and I didn't want him jumping all over my belly. So, Delilah and I sat in the backseat while the boys sat in the front seat! I feel bad for whoever has to sit in the back of my car-It is NOT comfortable, AT ALL!!!! Hopefully next year we will be able to get a different vehicle! :) :) :)
Friday, was the BIG Baby Shower Day!! Mama T was hosting it-her & Mike had been working so hard on 'fixing' up the house-it looked AMAZING!! They painted the living room, re-did the bathroom (looks awesome!) & painted the kitchen. It looks like a brand new home! You can tell a lot of blood, sweat & tears went into the project! It's literally breath taking!! (These pictures do not do justice!!!)
Weezy, Fonda, Lyndsey, Carly & Pam came over early to start putting things together. The house was covered in 'Heavenly Sent' things, Baby Footprints, a Diaper Cake.. It was so cool & over whelming all at the same time!!
As people started to pile into the house (there were A LOT of us!) I started to get overwhelmed & freaking out. I couldn't get over how many people where there, how many gifts we got & how excited everyone was. It was just nuts!! But, once people setteled in, we started to eat, then we played 3 games (it was hilarious!!). 1 of the games was w/toilet paper--you had to guess how big around my belly was. I was sure to remind everyone who buys the Christmas gifts in the family ;) Hahaha.. The 2ns game was the funniest game in the world. 6 people had a bottle 1/2 full of lemonade-the fastest person to drink all of it, WON! Lucas & Jake (his cousin) were in it to win it!!! Hahaha.. You just had to be there, it was great! Then the final game was to guess how many items were in this HUGE baby bottle. It was great!!
After games, we opened (and opened, and opened...) gifts! We got A LOT of stuff! Diapers, Wipes, Outfits, Books.. It was awesome! Everyone did WAY too much--We appreciated it more then anyone will ever know :)
After everyone left, We had to hurry home that night, We both had to work Saturday Morning. (Booo!!).. While I worked over the weekend, Lucas started more on the dresser. I can't wait for it to be finished :) :)
I didn't get a chance to take a 23 wk photo.. but here is a picture of Lucas & I at his Mama Ts & Mikes house from the Party.. It'll give you an idea about the 'bump' :)

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  1. Hi honey! WOW what nice things you have to say about the house! That's very sweet of you! We did work pretty hard but it's stuff that needed doing! lol.....Going to have to plan another party just to get more stuff done!!! Ha, ha, ha!!! I am so please with the stuff that is done though! Now we have to get your and Lucas' bedroom finished before little F gets here!
    I am so happy that you enjoyed YOUR baby shower!!! It was all meant for you and Lucas!!! We had a great turnout didn't we?? Still have some things to bring when we come over though! Several folks couldn't make the shower due to other commitments but they want to make sure I get them to you!!! So more "stuff"!!!
    I can't wait until we get to come over! You and Lucas decide when would be a good time and we'll be there!!! I love you honey and LOVE reading these blogs! Keep it up!! 24 weeks tomorrow! Wow! Love you! Mama T