Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Healthy Baby :)

Yay! We have ONE healthy baby growing inside of me :) The Dr's appt went great!!! I was so nervous before we went. I had a terrible dream that night before (this is my 2nd bad dream-when leading up to an ultra sound). Meridith was able to come with us this time. We got to the Drs office & went right into the ultrasound room. Dr M has a new U/S tec, I was so worried she was going to be mean-she was everything but mean. Very Nice & answered ALL of my questions. ((I talk A LOT when I am nervous!-lol)) She explained everything to us, like what she was looking for & how it looked, blah blah. I was SO nervous she was going to tell us if baby was a boy or girl--she respected our wishes & didn't say a word about it. :) It was awesome!!! :) Now, Im not going to lie, everything looked the same to me. I couldn't tell if we were looking at the heart or the brain. At least, I somewhat new where the head was-LOL!!! Here is a picture of our monster :)

Now, I know what you are thinking, "What the crap am I looking at?" I thought the very same thing! Esp after she explained it to me-it still made NO sense to me at all. Then I was like, what is the baby doing to its hand? The nurse explained that his/her fist was balled up. So, to help explain what we are looking at, I made a diagram to explain (I hope I'm right!)::

I hope this helps out. Even if it helps just a little bit ;) To me, it looks like the baby has a fat lip & is ready to fight! Hahaha.. But, whatever! I wish the nurse would've taken a little better picture (there were many opp.) She also took a picture of the heart chambers (why would I need that? Don't ask) Which, I really don't care for, but it was nice of her. As long as the baby has everything he/she is supposed to have, I'm totally okay with it!!

After the u/s we went & talked to Dr M. He assured us everything looked great, the Due Date is still Decemeber 29th & he is so excited that we are not finding out the sex--he doesn't know the sex either! :) Which makes it even more fun! :)

We then came home, Lucas had to go back to work :(. Meridith & I went down to Market Square, ate lunch @Oodles, then went walking around the shops. It was fun! I haven't done that in a while. I found some of the cutest sock monkey baby stuff. I LOVED IT! I am going to get Lucas to come down there (when it cools down) and shop w/me!! I took some pictures of the sock monkey stuff I found:

A sock monkey night light :)

& a sock monkey onesie!

We have our Baby Shower in NC in almost 2 weeks (YAY!) & We don't go back to the Dr til Sept 7/8 (something like that)!!!

I am also getting excited for my friend Brooke, she is going to have her second baby girl Sept 15th! Her daughter, Charlee, is such a doll. I can't wait to see what Miss Mikah is going to look like :)

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  1. Thanks again my dear for sharing your "experiences" with me! I love everything about this Journey you and Lucas are on!!!! I love reading this blog and I absolutely LOVE talking to you BOTH after your app!!!!! This is such a wonderful time for us all!!! Can't wait until Sept. 2!!! I know you guys are looking forward to seeing family and friends! I love you my dear! Mama T