Friday, August 5, 2011

So Excited :) :)

Week 19 is here.. & dang.. only 21 more to go!! I am getting so excited!! We went to the Drs yesterday & my sister was able to come with me. She was talkative the whole way there, in the waiting room, in the actually room & then got super quiet after she heard the heartbeat. & she was super quiet the whole way home. I thought something was wrong-nope! She was just overwhelmed. Which I understand 110%!! It can be very overwhelming!!! I was glad to she was able to come :) Dr said everything seemed fine. He was pleased to see I gained 3lbs. He said we get an ultrasound in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS!!! TWO WEEKS!!! I am so excited :) I can't wait to count 10 finges & 10 toes!! I can't wait to see what he/she looks like.. I can't wait to get a new picture!! AHH!!! I am just SO excited!!! :) --Here is the latest picture. I don't look as big as the other pictures. I think a lot of the bloat is gone & now its growing baby time! The lady at the bank today asked me if something was different about me, I said, well-I curled my hair... She said No.. its something else.. I was like, Oh-this? I'm pregnant! You could tell she was thankful to hear that-and not just come on out saying I was fat! LOL!!! Cracked me up.
Lucas & I are starting to 're-do' the dresser that I've had F O R E V E R! We are going to sand it down & put some kind of a wood finish on top of it. It's the same color as the baby bed/changing table we asked for on our registry!! Here is a picture of Lucas starting to sand the 1 of 3 drawers..
THANKFULLY... Lucas' boss, Robert, came to the rescue AGAIN for us. He is letting us borrow his electric sander.. Thankfully!!! It's been tuff doing it by hand!! But, we did get a lot done. We still have to start on the 3rd drawer AND on the actual dresser itself! We'll get there :) I mean, we only have 21 (give or take) weeks :)
I got my wedding pictures :) YAY! Here are a couple of my FAVS!!!

Loooove the pictures! So worth the wait :) I can't wait to see what she does with Baby F :) :) :)

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  1. Liz! I love how you look!!! OMGosh you look so adorable and so does your baby "bump"! I love watching your progress honey! I am so glad that Muri got to go with you and Lucas to your last Dr. App! I can only imagine how awesome it must be to hear Baby F's heartbeat! It's great you wanted to share that awesome experience with her! So relieved to know that all is well so far! Goodness time is flying by! You and Lucas are doing a great job saving money by redoing furniture! That's a great idea!!! I can't wait to see you both in just a few weeks! Your shower won't be long!!! Yipee!!! I love your blog! Seeing all the progress you guys have made and seeing the baby "bump" each week is amazing! Thanks for sharing! I love you honey! Mama T