Saturday, July 30, 2011

18wks :)

Welp, made it to 18 wks :) Nothing new.. Lucas & I went to Pigeon Forge today, we went shopping :) Didn't buy anything... Since we don't know what we are having-We don't want to spend the extra money & get the wrong color ;) Just more shopping to do when Baby comes :) I thought I'd do another one of these thingys:
How far along?- 18wks & 2days
How big is baby?- Sweet Potato
Total weight gain/loss- We don't have a scale here at the house.. I'll find out Thursday :)
Maternity Clothes- Still in my Mediums.. We went to Motherhood today & found some jeans-they were just too long. So, we didn't get anything... :'(
Sleep- Getting better.. Waking up sometimes to go pee.. ;)
Movement- Felt something on Thursday-pretty cool! They say, if you count 147 days from the first movement-that's when baby will come-Well, thats a week early.. Hmmmmm :)
That's about it.... We took the dogs to Petsmart lastnight to get their nails done.. We noticed Delilah had a sore on her nose.. Lord knows where she got it from. Well today, it 'busted'-kind of like a blister (YUCK). Lucas put some stuff on her nose for it--if it doesn't go away by Thursday-I'll take her to the vet.. Which means, we will have to pay for more shots.. L O V E L Y!!!
Here is a new picture.. ENJOY :) *OH & my wedding pictures are up.. I need to meet up w/Chantena to get the Disk THEN I will FINALLY get to send out THANK YOUS!!!!!!

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  1. Oh honey you look awesome! I hate living away! You are changing every day!!! I love this blog so your family/friends can keep up with the "stuff" you and Lucas are doing! And the change in you! Your pictures of the baby belly are adorable! I know you are looking forward to Thursday! That must me so great to hear the baby's heartbeat! I love it!!! I hope you have a great week honey! I love you! Mama T