Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding & Baby :) :)

Loooky at what I haaaave!! Sneak peak @our weddings pictures!! AHHH:) Chantena did a GREAT job!! I highly recomend EVERYONE to look at her stuff! She mainly deals with babies, toddlers, families, ect--So I was VERY thankful I got her for our engagement pictures & wedding day!! She is also going to do our babies pictures!!! YIPPEE!! Chantena has been supper busy-which I understand. She said our pictures should be done by the 20th! I can't wait!! I also have to thank my friend Brooke for introducing her to us!! She's also on FB (BubblesNPuddles) Here's her website-->>
Me getting ready at the hotel before the BIG moment :)
Me hiding in Robins car.. I didn't want Lucas to see me before the wedding :)
Brandi, Robin, Me, Meridith, Brooke
Me & Lucas by Concord Lake
Now on to the baybeee ;) 15wks & 1 day today! Lucas was able to come with me to this appt! It seems like it takes longer to park then being in that office! We go in, I pee in a cup, I then get weighed (gaind 2lbs!) give Dr M. my list of questions, he answers them, puts the doppler thingy on my belly & WHAM--theres the heart beat!!! We sit & talk for about 30 seconds and then we are off!! I asked Dr M about paint, he said it was okay to paint, I can spray tan :) & the babys heartbeat was 150! Which, according to some people-If its a LOW heartbeat it's a boy, if its a HIGH heartbeat it's a girl!! Dr M didn't seem concerned about anything, just said, See ya in 4wks! :)
Next appt we will be 19wks. So, we wont be able to find out the sex then-but Dr M said we will have to do an ultra sound sometime soon after that ro make sure everything is okay :). Lucas & I are wanting to do an 'elective' 3d/4d ultra sound. We are going to wait & see how much they cost at Dr. M's office--If its too much, they also offer them at one of the other Womens Pavilion (not far from work/Dr M's office). So we may go there. But, it wont be til' the end of Sept/begining of Oct for that. And we will be inviting all of out immediate family to that one :)
Here is a picture of me today, after we ate breakfast
We had a good time last weekend in NC! We really enjoy going to Shanes house for the 4th & seeing everyone. Mama T & Mike grilled out for us on Sunday-It was very good :) Then we left on Monday bc we both had to work on Tuesday!!
I am glad to report my hair is FINALLY growing!! Those prenatal vitamins are finally working :) Ya Ya Yaaa!!
The girls at work & I have been measuring my belly every week. They get a kick out of it, I freak out. Its fun.. Hahaha :) As of Wednesday, from belly-button to belly-button, I am 37inches. thaaats A LOT for me. Still dealing with this image thing. But, its getting better!!!
My grandma is in town this week-she is watching my Uncle & (soon to be) Aunts house/dog while they are out of town. THEN my mom and dad are coming to town again NEXT week!! YAY!! :) :) :)
-I've done some 'changing' on the blog.. I just don't understand why it double-spaces everything. It's very annoying. Im still learning though :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the great news honey! You look absolutely adorable!!! I can't wait to see you and Lucas again! It is quiet around here now! I miss you all! Hoping to get the truck over soon! I love you and am so proud of you! You are beautiful!!!! Mama T