Thursday, July 21, 2011


Herrrooow!! Made it to 17wks & it's raining out! YaYaYaYa!!! We really needed this rain. Although, Now Lucas is going to have to mow, AGAIN! Eeek! ;) I really don't miss mowing, but-I do like to help him when I can.
Not a whole lot going on this week. Just trying to beat the heat!--I don't know how Lucas does it, he works outside, 8-10hrs a day.. sometimes, 12 hours a day. I'm like the annoying fly, always around your head-bc I always ask him if he has enough water. I can't have him passing out on me!! :) FINALLY went to the Pool yesterday w/my sister & Robin. I missed it.. soo much! It was def what the Dr ordered!! :) I got a little bit of color, I actually ate my entire lunch.. It was a BIG day for me. Hahahaha... I was looking forward to going to the pool again today, but (as I said earlier) it's raining.
After the pool/lunch yesterday, I came home & took a nap (it was amazing)!! When I woke up, i wasn't feeling too well. I went & got Lucas and I some dinner--that still didn't help. It's like im extremley ansey/anxious. I didn't go to bed until 2am this morning, I woke up at 830.. I just ate some Mac N Cheese (Y U M) and I'm still hot and blah feeling. Hopefully it'll go away before I have to work on Saturday. Who wants to work a 12hr shift feeling like crap? NOBODY!!!
Lucas and I didn't get around to Target this weekend to do our Registry there. But, I did get him to take me to Home Depot & get this little bench thingy for the babies room. Its so stinkin cute! Needless to say, building it was a...blast.. but, it got done & it looks great :)
I really don't have much more to say.. So I thought I'd post a new little thingy-ma-bober up..
How far along: 17wks
How big is baby: size of an onion!
Total weight gain/loss: As of the last Drs appt I gained +2lbs.. but I'm still -2 from my begining weight.
Maternity Clothes: Naaaah! Im wearing my yoga pants & my medium tops :) I'm totally okay with that!!
Sleep: Didn't get much of it lastnight.. Hopefully tonight will be a different story!!
Movement: Nothing.. :( Hopefully in 2-3wks I'll start to feel something
Mood: Eh..
Food Cravings: None really.. Sweets!
Symptoms: --
Gender: (as you read from the last post) we aren't finding out! It's kinda fun.. But, Im anxious :)
I can't wait for our Drs appt in 2wks.. Im ready to hear a heart beat again! I think once I start to feel the baby move, I'll be okay with having a Drs appt every 4wks. Usually about week 2 & 3 Im ready to go & hear that everything is okay!!
I know most of y'all are my friend(s) on Facebook.. But, I had to share this with y'all. I found this picture on --It's where people make homemade crafts & things like that. Well, I was reading a blog on & someone had posted this picture of a baby in a reindeer hat. It's freaking adorable! I posted it on Chantenas FB--and she seemed to like it too! So, looks like I'll be buying the hat (which I am totally okay with!)!!! It's just too cute not to buy. & Chantena does a great job on pictures anyways, So-her pictures are going to be like 100x's better then this ;)
Speaking of, I haven't got my wedding pictures back. I am so impatient anymore. I keep harrassing Chantena about 'em--I feel bad for her!! Hopefully we'll be able to see the proofs by the end of the week/the begining of next week!!!
Here's the newest bump. Seems smaller then lastweek. I guess that happens depending on where the baby is.. :)

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  1. Liz, I love this blog! Not being in the same state with you is harder than I thought it would be! Thanks so much for updating your blog so we can keep up with your progress and great ideas! I look forward to seeing the newest pic of Baby Freeman's progress as your baby belly continues to grow! You look so beautiful!
    I'm sorry you are feeling kinda "blah" the last couple of days. Hopefully it will pass soon and you'll be feeling better! I'm really happy to hear you are able to eat a little more! Also envious that you are getting to visit the pool! Man it's hot! You take care of yourself and keep telling Lucas to drink lots of fluids! I know you take good care of him! I love you dear! I'm thinking alot about the Baby Shower in Sept!! It will be a great time and good to see everyone as well! I love you my honey! Mama T