Sunday, July 17, 2011

We bought something :)

WELP... we finally bought something for our Gecko.. DIAPERS ;) !!!!!! YaY! Hahaha.. Needless to say I was excited!
We went to Babies R Us last weekend to start our baby registery. Thankfully, Lucas & I had already went through the store (prior to last weekend) to see what they had to offer. So we SOMEWHAT had an idea of where things were/what we are going to ask for. We didn't do any diapers/bottles/nipples because I hadn't done my research/asked around about bottles and I wanted to go to Target to get their brand (Up & Up). --Their cheaper & they're supposed to be just as good as Huggies/Pampers. I believe we got more toys/books then anything. Haha.. Oh Well! I plan on asking for more things @Target-just because I think more people have Targets then Babies R Us, but I may be wrong!
I talked to Mama T (Lucas' Mom) and she had mentioned something about having a Baby Shower for me on that side of the Mountain! I am super excited about that!! I know everyone on Lucas' side of the family will be excited about having a new baby coming into the Family!! That one will be sometime in Septemeber. My Mom & Sister are going to have one for me down here for my friends/family here in town!-I can't wait for that one either, It will be sometime in the begining of Novemeber. I love presents, esp. when they are for my baby!!! *YAY*
I'm not sure If I told y'all or not. But, we (Meaning, Dr M & Lucas talked me into this.. jk!) decided we are NOT going to find out the sex of the baby. I'm okay with this. It's not going to be easy, but It will be FUN!!!! I'm going to buy 2 different outfits to bring him/her in. I can't wait to go shopping for that!!! I'm really hoping this bun in the oven is cooking a little ahead of schedule so we can can out FIRST family Christmas!!! :) :) :) So, not only are we going to wait on the Sex, y'all will have to wait on the name (which Im sure many of you know..), have to wait on the bedroom (we will have a bedroom for him/her, just no pirates or owls right away!) AND we will be shopping for some baby clothes soon after the baby comes!! I just can't wait!!!
I'm already thinking about Black Friday. Last year-at Gap, they had EVERYTHING 50% off!! I'm a BIG fan of that! --That's pretty much why Lucas got a bunch! Things are going to be a tad bit different this year.. More/Less buying for baby!!! -Which we've told each other not to bother with one-another & focus on baby :)
Last weekend, We had our friends Ashlea, her hubby Travis, Drew, his fiance Brittany & their little boy Trevor (1 yrs) over. It was hilarious watching Jerry & Trevor. Jerry LOVED Trevor, which was a good thing. It was funny because Jerry was so tired-but Trevor wanted to play some more.. Jerry just kept 'running away'-but, Trevor found him! Hahahaha!!!! Needless to say, we wont have a problem with Jerry & the baby. It will probably be Delilah.. when we get the extra money, I am going to take her to 'Puppy Training' @Petsmart--that'll help ((HOPEFULLY!!!!)) :)
Here is a recent picture of me & the bump. If you haven't noticed. I wear A LOT of Black & Grays. Don't ask why.. I just do! Lol... 16wks & 2days. I think when I get to 20wks I'll post all of the pictures from wk 11. Maybe fun to see how much my belly has changed. Its crazy, I'll wake up some days & feel like I dont have a belly and by the end of the day WHAM there it is! Hahaha...


  1. Hi honey! OMGoodness look at your "bump"!! lol..I love reading your blog and seeing your progress! I am so excited to have the baby shower here in Marion! It will be a very fast trip for you guys but I am so glad we worked out the date! Sept. 2 will be here soon! The family will love seeing you! You and Lucas are going to be the BEST parents ever!!! I love you honey! Mama T

  2. LOVE Target diapers! LOVE them. And your belly is soooo stinkin' cute! :)