Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spoiled.. Already!!!

Well.. As if Baby F isn't already spoiled with lots of love.. Lucas' boss Robert is getting ready for a garage sale. He has 2 young kids of his own & guess what he was getting rid of? Baby Stuff-a good portion of it too!! -Yaay for us! Saves us some money$$ !!!!!

A swing, a Pack N Play (w/a changing table!) & a Bumbo!!! We got really lucky!! & Robert is going to be bringing some clothes by--so we can go thru those :) Now we have to go thru Delilahs room & clean it up. That's going to be a LONG weekend project. Lucas bought these little booties from Harley a couple of weekends ago.. they are so cute!! & (of course) we weren't sure what color to get, so we stuck to the white ;) I am now 11wks & 6days today! I was going to try & update every 'new' week w/the pregnancy--Well, I work every other Thursday.. So that just wont work out!! But thats okay.. Here is a picture I took lastnight before we went out to dinnfer-Its mostly bloat--but, its there--no doubt about it! Haha..Hopefully Lucas doesn't read this blog.. he will have a fit bc none of the rooms in these pictures are cleaned---Oops, My bad ;)

I am soo ready for July.. We are going to NC the the 4th of July.. then when we come back, I have another Dr's appt!! Yippeee!!!!


  1. There is no greater blessing, more lasting achievement or more fulfilling occupation than that of being a mother - God bless you , Lucas and Baby F.

  2. Hi honey! This blog is awesome and I am so excited to read what's going on even though we talk all the time!!! LOL.....I am very proud to me your MIL (mother-in-law) but feel more like just "Mama T" to you!!! I know you and Lucas are going to be the BEST parents ever! I love you ALL!!! Yipee! Being a Grandma is going to be the most amazing part of my life! I am so blessed!

  3. I can't wait to see you all on the 4th! That "belly" will be growing more by the time I see you again! I love it!!! Mama T