Thursday, June 9, 2011

Christmas is going to be interesting....

Well, its not a secret no more.. WE'RE PREGGERS!!! :) Due December 29th :) Lucas & I are very excited to share the big news with our friends & family. Its been hard trying to keep it from everyone.. reasons being:: 1-I couldn't fit into my wedding dress (I was 6wks at that time). 2-I couldn't drink at my wedding, which should've been a sign to anyone that knows me. 3-As soon as we came home from the Honeymoon, we had a Dr's appt that Lucas was unable to come to :(, but I had an ultrasound & got to see the heartbeat! And LAST but not least, my pants don't fit. <--I look like I've drank too many beers ;) ^---There is Baby F @7wks :) Looks like a.. bean? -I guess you could say!! We now go to the Dr's every 4wks to do a "check up"--the last week/3-4 days before the Drs appt has been a killer for me. My nerves get shot, I get nervous, I read sad blogs-it's terrible! Today, Thursday, June 9th-we are 11wks pregnant & Lucas was able to come with me today. I wasn't sure what to expect-We knew we weren't getting an ultrasound :( BUT, we'd be able to hear a heartbeat. Well, Dr took a second or two to find it (the bugger wouldn't quit moving) & sure enough, there is was... Our babies heartbeat. It brought tears to my eyes & Lucas' face was priceless. It was Amazing! Lucas & I have been very very blessed with people giving us things. My friend Angela gace us a highchair (to place on one of our chairs)--AWESOME!! & Lucas' boss, Robert gave us a swing thingy (My mom claims it calmed me down from having collic!) It's really neat & takes up a little space in our living room--Needless to say the dogs, Jerry & Delilah, are afraid of it-its SO funny!! I keep going back & forth about finding out the sex of the baby. I keep having dreams about boys-Lucas thinks we are going to have a boy.. Which we have a boy name picked up-But, knowing our luck it'll be a GIRL (YAAY!!!!) We will be happy with whatever we get, as long as he/she is healthy!!! I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on whats going on with us & my growing belly. Thanks for the support & the prayers--they are always welcomed!! :)

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  1. Oh honey I love reading about your app's! I would love to have seen Lucas' face when he heard his baby's heartbeat for the first time! Yours too!!! lol.... I'm sure it was a nervous time for you both! But it had to be amazing!!! Needless to say, Grandma T and Grandpa M are so excited!!!! Love to you all THREE!!!