Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy BDay Aniston :)

Happy 1 month Birthday Aniston :-)
this is my favorite outfit. I looove the baby 'Alice in Wonderland'.. makes me happy!!!!
So lets talk about Anistons latest Drs appt.. She is PERFECT!!! Not that we had any doubt ;) She is now 7lbs & 15.5 oz (in the 25%).. & is 19in long (in the 25%)! She's my little chunky monkey!!! Burping & Farting like a boy.. she has a closet/dresser like a girl. Thanks to Angela, Brooke, Mom & Mama T--we will have enough clothes to last us until Aniston is 1 yrs old!!!
i love these bows/flowers i found at the icing.. :)
Meridith got a new town house--it's really nice. Aniston & I have been over there a couple of times to help set everything up for her. Buuut, Auntie Mer Mer & Aniston end up playing...

thats all for now folks.. we meet with a sitter on Saturday. I am very excited about it.. She does it from her home & her husband works at the county clerks office.. she has lots of refreces as well AND she lives like 10mins away from the house!!! ALSO---she isn't expensive AT ALL!!! yaaayaaaa!!

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