Wednesday, January 11, 2012

at my wits end..

Oh Aniston.. for something so cute & little.. you sure do cause for a big headache.. she sure is funny too::

*you may need to turn the volume up on the computer.. :)

yesterday was a rough day. thank goodness for Lucas :) I was literally at my wits end.. & asked him to come home--I dont ask him to come home (usually jokingly-but I was very serious!) I think every mom has that moment (at least I hope so!!)... Aniston has been very fussy the past 36hrs.. Everyone says it probably gas (which it probably is..) but she farts all of the time (-sorry Aniston, didn't mean to embarass you ;) -).... I guess it comes with it :)

aniston @4wks

We've had some great mile stones this week.. she is lifting her head by herself & can hold it up for a while.. she can somewhat sit up on her own.. and she is trying to roll over-its funny.. lol

Aniston sitting up in her bumbo :) @5wks

Aniston sitting on my lap watching TV

Lucas was excited to see her sitting up by herself.. so we decided to put her in the Carrier :) We looked long & hard for this thing.. lol

we should be getting our maternity pictures any day.. I can't wait.. which means Anistons pictures should be done in another 2wks *yay!*

the sitter we went & 'interviewed' didn't work out very well. I found someone else, again-close to the house.. which is great. We just have to set up a time to check out the people & the house!

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  1. Honey I am so sorry you've had a rough few days!!! Seriously all you have to do is call me and I can come over to help!!! I promise it's NO problem!!! I love you so much!!! I know how hard it can be at times to be at your wits end with no help! So Please call me!!!
    I love, love, love the taco video!!! lol.......Aniston is changing so much and I'm missing it!! I hate that! You are a GREAT MOM so don't forget that! Aniston is a lucky little girl to have you and Lucas!!! Mama T