Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nothing New...

Nothing new to report this week... Still growing :) I will be 30wks tomorrow!!! Only 10 more to go :) YAY!!! I can't believe my next drs appt will be in 2 wks--which makes Novemeber only 2 wks away.. Isnt that crazy to anyone else? Speaking of Drs appts.. Went today.. I was there for only 5mins.. pee'd in a cup, weighed myself, Dr measured my belly (which I forgot to ask how big it was...) & listened to a heartbeat!! THATS IT! Hahaha... I have gained 5lbs.. but He didn't seem concerned about it-So, Im not either!! Lucas worked hard on the babys room this weekend. Still puddying the walls. We have 1 more shelf we have to knock down & putty--then we will start to prime & wait on his Mom & Dad to get to town to actually paint :) On a different note.. Its raining today.. and I hate when it rains.. I dont know what to do w/Delilah.. I hate to keep her in her crate--but when I let her out she has SO MUCH energy... & Delilah+Rain = Mud... NOT GOOD !!!!

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