Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snooki & Macho Man

HALLOWEEN 2011 will be one to remember for the Freemans :) We had such a great time @Mike & Lucys! We haven't been to a Halloween Party together since we've been together (3 years this November!!) So tonight was a lot of fun for us!! Here is the couple that hosted the party (Mike & Lucy)
Lindsay Help put it together too--She is so awesome & makes AMAZING cakes!! AND our good friends Ashlea & Travis came out!!!!!! :) :)
So here is the look we were going for::
Lucas-Macho Man...
Me:: Snooki

& Here is what we came up with :)

We really had a good time!!!! I was glad we were able to go out & hang out with everyone!!! My "bump" is 31wks 2days ... Not much longer to go.................... :)

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  1. Liz this is an awesome update! I love seeing you and Lucas having a great time with wonderful friends! It's so good to see you enjoying being pregnant and you make an amazing "Snooki"!!!

    OMGosh 31 wks and 2 days! It is amazing to think you are getting so close!!! You are a natural when it comes to carrying that little one! I am so darn proud of YOU!!! You and Lucas are going to be awesome parents! My Grandchild is a very fortunate little one! Again.....OMGosh I can't wait to see you all on Friday!!! It's going to be so great! And to actually get to see the little one with the 3-4D ultrasound is going to make me cry! It will be tears of JOY honey so don't worry about
    Granma T!!! Lol.....Thank you and Lucas for sharing this beautiful time with us! We are so thankful to have this special time together!
    I love you honey! Mama T