Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sad Week

This week did not start of well.. I'm hoping it will get better!
When my brother (TJ) works, he literally has to go out of town, So we usually "babysit" his dog, Sampson. Delilah & Sampson get along really well-they are like brother & sister! About the same age, the play rough & they just know each others limits. Sampson is really laid back, Delilah is just crazy. Since it's been nice out, we've been turning the air off & opening the windows. Delilah is an "outside" dog, but when the windows are open & she can hear/see whats going on inside, she wants to come in-NOT HAPPENING :)! I was tired of hearing her whine, and decided when TJ went out of town, Lucas & I would go pick him up and bring him to the house-that way the dogs can run & play.
Sunday was a very lazy day here at the house. It's FOOTBALL time, which means-we sit & watch football ALL day--LOVE it :) :) <--So does the baby :) Baby was moving & grooving more then usual on Sunday, it was awesome! After a football game, we decided to go on out West & pick up Sampson. Sampson wasn't there. Now, a little back story on Sampson-he is a magician. He hides anywhere & everywhere. He doesn't make a noise. He doesn't bark that much either. When Lucas and I get to TJs, No one was there to greet us at the door-So, he must be in the backyard, or in his crate in the basement. Nope & Nope. I notice when I step out onto the deck, there is a hole in the fence. You've got to be kidding me! That fart, ran away!!!! In a panic, I call my mom, then I call TJ. Lucas went into the woods, I drove around the subd, GMa came & stayed the night-Just in case he came home. Nothing. :( We were all hoping he ran away, someone picked him up & took him to the shelter and/or they were going to wait until that morning to take him to the Shelter.
Meridith, GMa & I went to the Shelter on Monday-and it was terrible. There were so many missing dogs, and it smelled so bad in there-It was just bad. No sign of Sampson. I made signs, posted things on Facebook & Craigslist & still nothing.
It breaks my heart. I know TJ loves Sampson. Lucas loves Sampson. I love Sampson. Delilah loves Sampson. WE ALL LOVE SAMPSON! I just wish someone would call and let me know if they saw him, or if they knew someone "stole" him... ANYTHING to put my mind at ease. I hate knowing when TJ comes home on Friday, he is coming home to an empty house... Delilah has lost her bestfriend :(
Here is Delilah & Sampson when they were Babies...
If you have ANY INFO::
Also.... Meridiths new Kitty... What a mess! She is SO cute!! But, she is VERY sick! I can't believe the shelter gave my sister a SICK kitty! :( She keeps throwing up. The medicine the vet gave her is not working. I just can't believe it!! Meridith has spent almost a car payment on this Kitty. I feel so bad for her. :(
On a happier note.. My friend, Brooke, had her BEAUTIFUL baby girl :) Her name is Mikah Adalynn G. 8lb & 22 inches long!! I was so excited to see her on Tuesday!!! You can tell Matt is a very proud Daddy :) Brooke had Charlee & Mikah at the same hospital we are going to have our baby at (St Marys-Downtown). So, it was nice to go & see what we have in store for us in 15 weeks ;) Lucas got to come with me this time. When we got there, We got to see Big Sister Charlee in the parking lot, she was going to her Grandma & Grandpas for the night. She is such a ham! LOVE her!!! On our way up, I started to get nervous-Lucas, not so much, he was excited!! When we got into the room, Brooke looked good (as always!) and Mikah was sleeping, like a baby ;) Haha... I got to hold her, It scared me to death! I handed her off to Lucas & he's face lit up! It was so neat watching him hold her. Matt was telling Lucas about the Baby & the C-Section, showing him Mikahs belly button, ect. Me, I was overwhelmed. I was worried I was going to drop this bundle of joy. My nerves, got the best of me. I was getting hot. It was crazy. But, I was glad Lucas was there & got to see & hold a newborn :)
Mikah Adalynn Lucas & Mikah
Proud Daddy, Matt & Mikah
Me & Mikah

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